Professional Magician and Former Pastor Reveals How Tricks Invented for Entertainment Have Been Turned Into Weapons in New Book

Misdirection shares how to detect manipulation in advertising, the news, the voting booth, at home, in church—and even within yourself

Misdirection Book Cover

Fool proof your life and learn how to recognize illusion from reality. In his new book, Misdirection: A Magician’s Guide to Spotting and Avoiding Manipulation in Your Life (WonderFull Entertainment, February 13, 2024) former pastor and professional magician, Taylor Hughes, shows how to spot manipulation, evaluate its harm, and move forward with hope.

“Misdirection has found its way off the theatrical stage and into our businesses, politics, and even churches,” writes Hughes. “In some cases, the people utilizing these techniques of distraction are unaware of the harm they are causing. However, in more scenarios than we would like to admit, the motives are much more intentional and detrimental.”

As a professional magician, Hughes has spent decades studying how to deceive people. In the book, he covers ways misdirection can be recognized and avoided at work, at church, in the voting booth and at home. He will reveal secrets to incredible magic tricks followed by a discussion of how those techniques are at play in our everyday lives. 

Hughes is available for interviews, as well as performing a trick or segment on a show,  and can speak to:

  • How misdirection can cloud your path in life and work
  • 3 tips leaders can follow to avoid manipulation in the workplace
  • 3 ways not to be misguided at the voting polls in 2024

Hughes is currently on a west coast swing of his national  tour. His new comedy magic special “Enjoy The Ride” is streaming now on YouTube. For more information on the tour, or the special, visit

Taylor Hughes 
Comedian/Magician Taylor Hughes left his life as a former megachurch pastor 10 years ago and now uses his skills of storytelling and prestidigitation to entertain and encourage audiences around the globe. His comedy magic specials ‘Chasing Wonder’ & ‘Enjoy The Ride’ are streaming worldwide and his memoir ‘Road To Wonder’ is available at your favorite retailer.

Taylor is married to his high school sweetheart, Katie. They make their home in Southern California with their two daughters, Madelyn and Kennedy.

His new book, Misdirection is available for preorder nationwide and releases February 13, 2024. To learn more about Hughes and his work, please visit



Misdirection by Taylor Hughes

  1. What led you to write Misdirection?
  2. What led you to become a magician?
  3. How can misdirection cloud your path in life and work?
  4. What are some tips you can share with leaders on how to avoid manipulation in the workplace?
  5. With the 2024 presidential election taking place within the next year, what are some ways voters can avoid feeling misguided as they head to the voting polls in November?

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