Professional Athletes Turning to Rahat Faderani for MRI Diagnosis

​Over the course of his career, Dr. Rahat Faderani has become known as a leader in providing injury and accident evaluation and documentation services. He currently works out of three locations in Florida, where he uses diagnostic imaging techniques to guide injections and prescribes a number of safe, nonaddictive pain medications. While Dr. Rahat Faderani has helped many patients during his career, he now has helped some of Miami's professional athletes through MRIs.

If an athlete hurts his or her shoulder or knee, they need an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image). MRI machines provide an electromagnetic field that stimulates the natural electromagnetic elements in your body — protons — by using harmless radio waves. As the waves bounce back, they are turned into images. These images are used by Dr. Rahat Faderani to conclude a diagnosis.

Professional athletes around the Miami area rely on Dr. Rahat Faderani's MRI diagnosis to help them find the right treatment and rehabilitation. He has helped numerous athletes get back on the field and court, and that was done with professional evaluations and care.

Every kind of sport has a tendency toward a specific injury. For example, basketball players have to jump and pivot, which could lead to tearing the ACL ligament. While a tear may not sound as bad as a breakage, ligaments are fragile. MRIs performed in Dr. Rahat Faderani's clinics would determine the extent of the ACL injury because of his exceptional examinations and diagnosis of the areas of soft tissue and ligaments.

"Almost every week there is a news story on television or online that tells terrified fans that some of the best players on their teams face a debilitating injury," explains Dr. Rahat Faderani. "Athletic injuries are some of the worst to treat, not only because of the degree of injury but the damage an injury could have on a person's quality of life and career."

"As opposed to everyday employees injured on the job, professional athletes cannot sue their team for unemployment or for workman's compensation. Instead, they have to hope that the medical professionals around them help them heal and get back into the game."

When it comes to providing care to high-profile professional athletes, trust is a big factor. Dr. Rahat Faderani has gained the trust of many athletes when diagnosing their respective injuries. Giving a correct diagnosis along with professional and personal care to the player has earned Dr. Rahat Faderani an impressive reputation around the Miami area.

"While an injury can be devastating to the team and athlete, it's important for me to give an honest, professional diagnosis. A lot is at stake with these players, and I believe over the years, my care is second to none in Florida," boasts Dr. Rahat Faderani. He adds, "It's about building relationships with the players. I always follow up on athletes who came to one of my locations to see how they are progressing. They appreciate the personal relationship as well as the professional."

Aside from helping professional athletes get back on the field and court, Dr. Rahat Faderani remains highly involved in his community. He works closely with La Caridad Free Clinic, where he delivers free medical care for underserved populations in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Also, as a member of the American Society of Pain Educators, he serves as an instructor during medical student rotations at Nova Southeastern College.

Dr. Rahat Faderani studied medicine at Nova Southeastern University and later became a diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management. He also belongs to the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine. His locations are throughout Florida, including in Miami Gardens, Pompano Beach, and Greenacres.

Source: Rahat Faderani