ProductionNext Revolutionizes Film/TV Production With New State-of-the-Art Digital Service

Cutting Edge Project Management Platform for Film and Video Launches in San Francisco, quickly spreading worldwide.


ProductionNext, a cloud-based project management system specifically designed for feature, short, music video, and corporate video productions, announced the immediate availability of its state-of-the-art tools and services under a public beta program.

"Film and video producers have, for far too long, struggled with the complexities of making a movie, and have been poorly served by tools that are not designed to address the real issues at the heart of the production process," said Jim Miller, ProductionNext's founder and CEO. "The experiences and successes of our early-stage members have allowed us to refine ProductionNext's design to properly address those issues, and we're pleased to be able to invite the film and video community into to our public beta program."

Film and video producers have, for far too long, struggled with the complexities of making a movie, and have been poorly served by tools that are not designed to address the real issues at the heart of the production process.

Jim Miller, CEO

What is ProductionNext?

  • Full support for the production process: ProductionNext provides tools for such critical parts of the production process as scheduling, budgeting, breakdown, cast and crew management, equipment, and task management. These tools have been designed around principles that are critical to the success of productions, and reflect and support how film and video professionals manage their productions.
  • Unique capabilities: ProductionNext offers animatics generation, collaboration and conversation support within breakdown, an assistant to help producers identify problem areas in their project plans, and support for deferred and donated budget expenses.
  • Pricing and availability:  Free membership in ProductionNext's basic services is now available at A 14-day free trial of the project management tools allows members to create an unlimited number of projects; after the free trial, a full year of access to the tools is available for $99.95.

More on ProductionNext:

ProductionNext provides a full range of support for the production process, including scheduling, budgeting, breakdown, cast and crew management, equipment, tasks, and more.  But the true value of these services comes from designing those tools around three key principles that the company has found are critical to the success of a production:

  • Integration: The parts of a movie production -- budget, breakdown, schedule, and such -- are all connected with each other. ProductionNext understands those connections, and integrates its services so that a change in one place updates the rest of the project, keeping everything in sync.  The effort, tedium, and confusion of updating all the different parts of a project in multiple independent tools are gone.
  • Collaboration: Making movies is a collaborative art. But tools can only truly support this collaboration if they understand and respect the ways in which teams work, and carry those work styles into their design. ProductionNext supports collaboration throughout its design, and allows members to invite their team members into their projects with exactly the kinds of permission their jobs call for: a director of photography has full control over the project's shots and takes, but very limited access to the budget, while an executive producer has much the opposite.
  • Community: There is no clear line between a producer's project and their broader life as a member of the film and video community. Internet-based tools ought to help producers connect themselves and their work into that community, rather than being a 90's era software silo from which there is no escape. ProductionNext allows its members to share their work, questions, and interests with other members of the global ProductionNext community, offers executive dashboards to keep investors, distributors, and classroom instructors informed about members' project status, and helps its members promote their work, recruit new colleagues, and find new work opportunities for themselves.

ProductionNext also offers a range of additional, cutting-edge tools for production management, such as: 

  • Generating animatics from project storyboards.
  • Adding collaboration tools to the breakdown process, providing team members with the ability to discuss the details of the items identified during breakdown.
  • An "assistant" that examines a project plan and identifies issues that are in need of attention, such as scheduling conflicts (within and across a company's project), unidentified cast and crew members, equipment, and incomplete budget items.
  • The ability to mark budget items as deferred or donated, to give producers a measure of the true value of a project.
  • Creating a project from a Final Draft or PDF document, automatically constructing scenes with locations, speaking roles, and page-eighths. 
  • Callsheets can be automatically generated with only a few clicks, complete with sun-up, sun-down, and localized weather by-the-hour, and then mailed directly to a project's cast and crew. 

ProductionNext is in use by independent producers, production companies, and film schools, who are using the tool on a daily basis to develop, execute, and complete their projects. Mark Schwab, President of Diamond in the Rough Films, said, "ProductionNext proved to be invaluable as we put together our feature film. Having all of the key pre-production, production and post-production information available online instead of a closed system allowed all of the department heads to easily stay on the same page. Keeping your movie’s information organized has never been easier or more accessible. ProductionNext is now our go-to program for all of our future projects!”

Pricing and availability: 

During its public beta program,  ProductionNext will continue to develop and refine its services towards its goal of supporting the needs of film and video producers in ways they need and deserve.  Free memberships in ProductionNext, now available at, will give members full access to the site's community tools and the ability to join an unlimited number of other members' projects. A 14-day free trial of the project management tools is also available, during which an unlimited number of projects can be created.  After the free trial, a full year of access to the tools is available for $99.95.

About ProductionNext, Inc.

ProductionNext is a collaborative cloud-based project management system built specifically for independent film and video. We are focused on helping individual producers and enterprises handle the complexities of features, shorts, music videos, and corporate video productions, and making those productions run faster, easier, and more efficiently. Visit us at

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