Procedo Advances Innovation in Catholic Education Through Forefront 2021: Leading From the Future

Forefront 2021 will provide immediate value and insight to any educator, leader or stakeholder committed to Catholic education.

Forefront 2021

The Procedo Project announces its inaugural event with a focus on innovation and sustainability in Catholic education. Forefront 2021: Leading From the Future is a three-day virtual summit being held, March 4-6. The event is designed to address the spectrum of needs for Catholic schools, providing landmark presentations focused on practical solutions for the present reality, and the vision for the future of education. 

"Innovation is not exclusively about technology," says Andrea Chavez-Kopp, The Procedo Project's Chief Learning Officer, who points out that "it is a mindset that challenges us to rethink our methods and best practices." Forefront 2021 has curated presenters who are successful practitioners that can speak to educators colleague-to-colleague from the field. They will provide not just vision, but also practical applications that attendees can adapt and implement right away.

The name Forefront was chosen because Catholic schools have proven more necessary than ever through their ability to be agile and responsive in a swiftly evolving landscape. Their practical experiences with opening schools, distance learning and reimagining traditional models of gathering and worship, while many other schools were still closed, make them leaders in this new realm of education.

Forefront 2021 offers original content addressing new challenges for school leaders, remote and hybrid instruction, student wellness, inclusion and school vitality. There will be a particular track focused on intertwining Catholic values with digital behaviors and the debut of new digital discipleship standards. In addition to the stacked agenda, the platform enables participants to easily maneuver through various rooms and lounges to build relationships, set up meetings, learn about current and upcoming resources and develop relationships with noteworthy stakeholders known for innovation. After-hours events will provide opportunities to mingle and network comfortably. Gamification elements will be held throughout the event, making each day new and exciting.

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About The Procedo Project

The Procedo Project seeks to develop, implement and and curate innovative models of Catholic education. Launched in July 2020 as a division of Eduscape, a leader in professional learning and development in the U.S, The Procedo Project is now operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit as part of the Rethink Learning Foundation. 


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