Probate Stars: The New 50 State Guide to Probate, Trusts, Estate Planning, and Inheritance Litigation

Probate Stars announces that its website,, is now live. Probate Stars is a 50 state guide to probate, trusts, estate planning, and inheritance litigation. Probate Stars also provides a directory of highly skilled probate and estate planning attorneys throughout the United States.  

Because many clients in a probate matter live in a different state than that of where the probate takes place, online legal directories are critical to connecting lawyers and clients. Probate Stars is a platform to connect lawyers and potential clients. 

Probate Stars offers a wealth of information about the probate process for consumers to educate themselves. Probate Stars includes comprehensive information about surviving spouse rights in all 50 states. Probate Stars also includes an extensive library of articles about will contests, challenging life insurance policies, federal inheritance litigation, and how a trust is administered.

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