Proactive Worldwide Announces Strategic Partnership With Academy of Competitive Intelligence LLC (ACI)

Proactive Worldwide's CI Blueprint® Course Joins ACI's CIP-I™ Certification Program, Enhancing Competitive Intelligence Training for Professionals at All Levels

Proactive Worldwide, a leading competitive, market, and customer intelligence provider, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with The Academy of Competitive Intelligence LLC (ACI). This collaboration will enhance ACI’s CIP-I™ certification program by incorporating Proactive Worldwide’s award-winning CI Blueprint® course, also known as the Fundamentals of Competitive Intelligence.

The expanded CIP™ program, renowned for its comprehensive Master Class Series encompassing CIP-I, CIP-II, and CIP-III, will now benefit from the expertise of David Kalinowski, President of Proactive Worldwide. With 35 years of experience, Kalinowski’s insights will be integral to the CIP-I™ program, making it a one-of-a-kind certification offering for beginners and seasoned professionals seeking to excel in competitive intelligence.

David Kalinowski shared, “We are excited to partner with ACI and integrate our CI Blueprint® course into the CIP-I™ certification program. This collaboration will provide unparalleled value to professionals at all stages of their competitive intelligence careers, equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. No other CI certification program in the world offers this unique and highly valued curriculum.”

Proactive Worldwide’s CI Learning Lab, a cutting-edge, on-demand resource, has redefined competitive intelligence training. The platform offers lifetime access to content designed for all skill levels, from beginners to industry professionals. The CI Learning Lab recently earned the prestigious Gold Stevie® Award in the Career and Workforce Readiness category at The 22nd Annual American Business Awards.

Dr. Ben Gilad, ACI’s founder, says, “I am not much for hyperbole and even less for grandstanding, but with the proliferation of ‘training’ offerings by semi-qualified organizations who aren’t truly in the CI space (what I call CI-Light), I figured collaborating with my number one competitor, whom I respect, will be beneficial to any corporate employee looking for some competitive advantage in today’s brutal market.”

Upon successfully completing the stand-alone CI Blueprint® coursework and passing the certification exam, participants can earn the ACI-PWW Certification, further elevating their careers and organizations' competitive intelligence capabilities.

For those seeking a more comprehensive set of CI skills, Proactive Worldwide highly endorses the Master Class Series of CIP™ Certification from ACI. The CI Blueprint® course serves as an excellent entry point to this program. Moreover, participants who have previously completed the CI Blueprint® course can earn credits towards the CIP-I™ certification and benefit from a discount on the full CIP-I™ program. To celebrate this partnership, Proactive Worldwide is offering a 10% discount on the ACI CIP-I™ program for those who register using a code they can receive by contacting Proactive. Visit for more information about the CI Learning Lab, the CIP™ certification program, and how to register.

About Proactive Worldwide, Inc.: 
Proactive Worldwide (PWW) is a global specialty market research company focused on competitive analysis. We enable leading organizations worldwide to identify vulnerabilities, forecast market trends, and strategically navigate growth. Our approach is comprehensive — analyzing competitors, suppliers, customers, and regulatory landscapes through primary and secondary intelligence gathering. With a 29-year track record of success, PWW's custom methodology, skilled research and analysis teams, and in-house industry experts converge to deliver impactful insights that reveal hidden opportunities and critical challenges. Learn more at

About The Academy of Competitive Intelligence LLC: 
The Academy of Competitive Intelligence LLC (ACI) is the oldest educational institution dedicated to training managers and companies interested in managing and reducing risks, anticipating market opportunities, overcoming competitive threats, and sustaining or gaining a competitive advantage using superior competitive intelligence. It is the only institution that is an accredited provider by the International Assoc. for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) that offers a Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP®) certificate program. For more information, visit

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