Proa Medical and Pelv-Ice to Merge

Proa Medical, Inc., the creator of the Brella® Vaginal Retractor, a single-use retractor with a built-in light source designed to provide optimal visualization and access during repair of the vaginal walls and perineum, and other innovative, high potential medical devices for women's pelvic health, has entered into a Merger Agreement with Pelv-Ice, LLC, the first company formed to address the $100 billion acute pelvic trauma and chronic pelvic dysfunction market with a comprehensive line of medical devices, supplements, and connected care.

Pelv-Ice's Founder and President Jill Bigelow said "In the USA alone, over 20 million people suffer from acute pelvic trauma each year and over 50 million people suffer from chronic pelvic dysfunction. Pelv-Ice has created a product line pipeline which includes braces and complimentary therapeutics for pelvic conditions for both men and women ranging from oncology, to urology, orthopedics, and OBGYN. We welcome Proa Medical's technology and products into our growing family of product offerings."

Proa Medical's Founder and President Arman Nadershahi said "Physicians invented the Brella® Vaginal Retractor to improve the efficiency and ease of perineum and vaginal wall repair. We are excited to join Pelv-Ice's comprehensive line of medical devices, supplements, and connected care and growth-oriented team." Proa Medical's Chief Executive Officer Louis Dienes added "Proa Medical is excited about the growth prospects for its products under Jill Bigelow's leadership."

Terms of the merger are confidential.

About Proa Medical. Proa Medical focuses on efficient, high-throughput development and commercialization of innovative medical devices. Developed in partnership with leading physicians, our products are taken from concept through regulatory processes such as FDA and CE Mark to commercial and medical practice. Proa Medical is a privately-owned C-corporation incorporated in July 2010 in the State of California. To learn more about Proa Medical visit our website at

About Pelv-Ice. Founded by a mother of three, Pelv-Ice is an adjustable soft brace medical device company that produces support devices with removable heat/ice therapy to improve patient comfort and recovery. Our goal is to revolutionize the standard of care for patients recovering from a pelvic trauma, condition, or surgery by employing tested soft tissue care techniques and applying them to the pelvis with patent-pending soft brace devices. Until now, women have had to concoct their own devices for postpartum relief, such as rubber gloves filled with ice or bags of frozen peas placed in disposable underwear. Our first product, The Mama Strut fills this void in maternity lifestyle and the medical community addressing the aches, pains, and concerns of a new mom - comfortably, conveniently, and naturally. Like or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn about new products and offers. And be sure to check out our website at

Source: Proa Medical

About Proa Medical

Proa Medical is the creator of the Brella® Vaginal Retractor and other innovative, high potential medical devices for women's pelvic health.