Pro Trainer Soccer Slashes $150 Off Soccer Training Equipment with Discount Code

A leading soccer training equipment seller, Pro Trainer Soccer slashes $150 off their products using the discount code PTSSprin2013 upon checkout.

With constant practice and an unwavering dedication, success in soccer is achievable. Savvy sportsmen know, too, that using soccer training equipment that gives the upper hand in skill development.

Pro Trainer Soccer Inc. sells the innovative soccer training ball machine, an advanced training equipment that serves soccer balls to players in a wide variety of ways. Rolling balls, driven balls, crosses, or air balls - it is up to the trainer to set the machine to maximize player touches on the soccer ball and advance their skill level.

Satisfied Pro Trainer product owner G. C. Schaeffer enthuses about the soccer ball machine: "I bought the Pro-Trainer for my three children: 2 high school aged players and one middle school. Thanks for a great, tough, well made product. The Pro-Trainer has worked perfectly each time."

This spring season, presents a special discount offer on the fully portable soccer ball machine. By using the Code PTSSprin2013 at checkout, soccer team, soccer trainers, schools and clubs of all kinds can purchase of a Pro Trainer soccer ball machine at $150 off.

The discounted Pro Trainer Soccer Training Machine is aimed at developing the essential first touch soccer skills in soccer players of all ages. Using effective serves of the soccer ball, the soccer training equipment allows players to develop muscle memory so they are more successful on the field during games.

An exciting addition to the soccer training environment, the Pro Trainer Soccer Training Machine underwent a decade of design and development to ensure that it is able to deliver its promise to improve player's skills. As Pro Trainer Soccer Inc. stands by its product, the soccer training device is covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects and workmanship. It is also covered by a 7-day money back guarantee.

To find out more about the discounted Pro Trainer Soccer Training equipment, please visit for information.

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