Pro Sports Exec Launches Sports-Specific Player Evaluation App

FANSeye launches the first app that allows fans to prove they are a sports expert by evaluating players and each other

A Dallas-based group of sports executives announces the launch of FANSeye, a social media app that empowers sports fans in a revolutionary new way.  

FANSeye is an innovative social media platform that casts users in the role of the experts like Mel Kiper, Ron Jaworski or Chris Collinsworth, allowing all fans to show off their sports analysis savvy. 

The easy-to-use app funnels the sports dialogue into a real-time conversation for users to share and show off their player knowledge. Fans can post player ratings and opinions on the app, as well as see which players are trending up or down based on the current user conversations. 

Aggregating the ratings input by all users, the app produces a unique player score for every athlete, showing just how highly (or poorly) the crowd thinks of them. In all, FANSeye streamlines the sports conversations to produce a single outlet for fans to get information on their favorite players while interacting with each other and showing off their analytical expertise.  

FANSeye was founded by Frank Provenzano, a former NHL executive with over 19 years of experience in the professional sports industry. The FANSeye team, which includes Washington Post National Sports editor Mike Hume, has worked with Provenzano to revolutionize the sports media experience. Early investors include John Vidalin, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer of the Miami Heat as well as Dallas Stars defenseman, Alex Goligoski

“The current social media outlets for sports are cluttered and unorganized," Provenzano said. "FANSeye filters out that noise and gives fans the opportunity to share their opinions, fantasy tips and debate with each other."

One of the most unique features of FANSeye is the ‘FANSeyeQ’ ranking system that evaluates and rewards the most active users. Users can impact each other’s FANSeyeQ score by voting up or down another user’s comments and ratings. Those with the most popular content move up the rankings from ‘Benchwarmer’ to ‘Expert,' a status that rewards users by pushing their ratings and commentary to all FANSeye users. 

Currently, FANSeye offers NFL specific content. In the spring of 2016, FANSeye will launch an MLB version of the app followed by NCAA Football next summer.

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