Private Video Sharing App Soaq Prepared to Transform How We Use Video in the Workplace

Putting Video to Work

While companies often block access to YouTube™ and other social media sites, video content, including social video, continues to gain traction as a leading medium for internal communication. The launch of Soaq™ brings a new video app for businesses and other organizations to offer their employees a video sharing experience, while putting to rest any concerns about privacy.

“Video has proven to be highly effective in building brand advocacy, improving employee engagement, collaboration and training, and companies recognize this,” says Daniel Wolfe, a co-founder of Soaq.

"Video has proven to be highly effective in building brand advocacy, improving employee engagement, collaboration and training, and companies recognize this."

Daniel Wolfe, Co-founder

“Soaq provides businesses and other organizations a turn-key video platform that delivers a YouTube-like experience in a safe and private setting,” says Carlo Sicoli, another Soaq co-founder.

The purpose of Soaq (pronounced “soak”) is to leverage the power of video while enabling businesses to effectively share their unique, and often private and sensitive or exclusive content across the workplace or a community. The machine learning and social aspects of the Soaq platform mixed with the stickiness and engaging nature of video proves to be an effective way of targeting the right people at the right time, with the most relevant content.

As a private video platform, users and their peers can safely and easily create, upload and consume content that allows for a more personal and welcoming way to learn, engage and communicate internally. What’s more, is that since Soaq is a secure enterprise solution, it gives organizations using it full control over the content, and assurance that it is safe and protected by banking-grade security measures.

“Soaq has grabbed the attention of a number of notable international businesses that are already operating a video-friendly culture, or foresee the video trend and are preparing for it,” said Mr. Sicoli. “These companies understand that video has already replaced many of the traditional media used in sharing content. They now want to ensure that they are at forefront of the video revolution, armed with Soaq.”​

About Soaq:

Soaq provides a private, turnkey video platform to businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Soaq was founded in 2015 by Daniel Wolfe, Carlo Sicoli and Steve Gregory and is aimed at creating the rich and social video-sharing experience that organizations are missing today. It offers users a more engaging and personalized media channel for all their critical and work-related content. Find out more at

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