Private-Public Joint Venture to Enable Sustainable Development in the Caribbean Islands

Climate changes & unplanned development projects are posing immense threat to the balance of ecosystem. To check further deterioration private sectors & government agencies are joining hands.

Most desirable & famous travelling destinations are in danger. Issues of climate change & unplanned development projects have made these sites vulnerable. To safeguard the cultural & natural resources of the Latin American & Caribbean destinations several leading organisations have joined hands to secure the versatile economy of the region & enhancing the prosperity of different communities.

Largest scaled effort towards private & public partnership focused upon sustainability of destinations in the Caribbean & Latin American regions has been launched the previous year. The group is called Sustainable Destinations Alliance for the Americas or SDAA. In the Latin America & 7 other destinations of the Caribbean islands SDAA will provide significant support. Each participating venue will start after evaluation of practices attached with destination management designed to identify areas of strength & areas where many improvements can be undertaken. Along with this the destinations could access sustainable tourism course available online that is called Sustainable Tourism Professionals. This course is designed to help in the implementation of sustainable practices. In addition the monitoring framework for destination sustainability or SMART will also be implemented with the course that will support tracking of main performance metrics. Result driven lessons will be spread at regional levels to reap in market advantages for fostering more knowledge to the destination specialists in particular for cruise liners. Most popular cruise destinations of the Caribbean islands & Latin America will be included under this programme.

Destinations in the Caribbean Islands

Antigua: Not only the sun & sand but also historic significance surrounds Antigua. Nelson’s dockyard & Shirley Heights are remnants of colonial past. Separate excursion trips can be undertaken to explore them. Many a times these excursions are combined with stops for lunch on the beach.

Aruba: Conducted tours comprising of prominent destinations of the island that highlights some beach time, various rock formations, less popular tourist spots, lighthouses etc. are also included in the tour.

Barbados: Visit famous distillery Mount Gay Rum where rum is produced right from the year 1703 & this is the oldest running brand. Along with rum tasting spree you can also taste local “Bajan” dish, a blend of Caribbean-West-Indian & European culinary mash ups, in the nearby restaurant.

Bonaire: Visit the marine park of Bonaire to catch up with sea turtles. Indulge in scuba diving & snorkelling in this water.

Destinations in the Latin America

Belize City: Belizean rainforests are amazing. Enjoy your swim inside d­­­­ark & ancient caverns that are lighted with cave-tubing. More adventurous souls can go for both trips.

Costa Maya: Carved out of the jungles of Yucatan period featuring restaurants, bars, pools & shops, Costa Maya is a relaxed tourist village. Give a visit to the mysterious ruins of the Chacchoben, ruins of Mayan civilization.

Cozumel:  Focus of a port in Cozumel goes to Tulum, ruins of ancient city of Mayan civilization. Comprising of scenic views & fascinating history, Tulum is a major tourist attraction.

As more & more tourists are thronging the area, the ecosystem of the region is becoming more fragile. In this context SDAA is undertaking some great steps. Not only government & private organisations active participation from common people is a necessity.


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