Private Investigators Open Case for New Website

Prime Private Investigators is proud to showcase its new website

For over 25 years, Prime Private Investigators have been assisting individuals, the insurance community, and corporate clients with full-service investigations. Their experienced team of licensed private investigators in Calgary will utilize their skills, firsthand knowledge, and the latest equipment and technology to uncover any suspicious activities, collect evidence, and provide reports that can be used legally. They’re recognized for their professionalism, discreetness, and catered ethical approach to each case.     

To engage new clients, restyle its brand in a competitive marketplace, and to promote its investigative services, Prime required a new website. The new site was configured to be easy to navigate, more engaging to users, and provide potential clients with more information on their services. 

Prime reorganized the structure of their site for a more straightforward navigation. A slicker and more precise design makes it’s easier for customers to obtain information on their services. Clients can read up on individual services, including Insurance Claim Investigations, Social Media Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Infidelity & Cheating Investigations and Child Custody Investigations, in greater detail.

All content on the website was rewritten to provide clarity and transparency to clients. Information about Prime’s approach to conducting investigations and a list of their investigative services has been detailed to ensure that customers know what to expect. Clients can expect a free consultation, research and planning, a fully operational investigation and confidential reporting when it comes to working with Prime. 

Furthermore, interactive “call-to-action” buttons were added throughout the site to provide users with direct access to contacting Prime. By simply clicking “Contact a Private Investigator”, customers will be given the contact information, making it easier for them to commence operations and speak to a professional. 

The new website will promote Prime’s array of services, accessibility, and give customers the first step to conducting an investigation. 

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Prime Private Investigators is the dedicated private investigation company that will uncover any suspicious activities on your behalf.

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