Prison Bars Makes Debut on Steve Harvey Show, Shares Criminally Delicious Snack Bars and Pathways for Second Chances

Former NBA player and inmate launches new venture missioned to produce "criminally delicious" snack bars and create pathways to second chances for formerly incarcerated individuals. Prison Bars Founder & CEO, Seth Sundberg, to discuss the launch of the company, its mission, and big hopes for tackling recidivism with Steve Harvey on April 6, 2016.

Prison Bars Founder and CEO, Seth Sundberg, appears on the Steve Harvey show April 6, 2016 to discuss the launch of a new line of criminally delicious snack bars and share the highly-personal mission behind the brand. 

Prison Bars, based out of San Francisco, is shaking up the $6.8 billion snack bar game. The company produces hand-crafted flavors from whole, natural ingredients in snack bars that are free of hydrogenated oils, non-GMO, and gluten free. 

"We are deeply committed to producing a delicious, nutritious product while helping formerly incarcerated individuals reintegrate into society as law-abiding, tax-paying, productive citizens. We believe those who are wiling to work and follow the rules deserve a second chance. We believe in providing a pathway for formerly incarcerated individuals to regain their self-worth and to give back as responsible citizens and employees. I want this to be a company that humanizes the 2.2 million incarcerated Americans out there."

Seth Sundberg, Founder & CEO

There’s a social impact mission within each criminally delicious bar, too. 

“We’re deeply committed to producing a healthy, delicious, nutritious product,” says Sundberg, “while helping formerly incarcerated individuals reintegrate into society as law-abiding, tax-paying, productive citizens.”

Sundberg, a former professional basketball player and branch manager for a mortgage company found his life turned upside down following a conviction for tax fraud. While incarcerated, he found a calling to help others find redemption and legitimate pathways to economic self-sufficiency. Sundberg came to understand the deep need for formerly incarcerated individuals to regain a sense of self-worth, and the importance of work as both part of that process and as a key step toward staying out of trouble.

While behind bars, Sundberg created the concept of Prison Bars, and began making snacks as healthy alternatives for fellow inmates using natural ingredients purchased from the commissary.

Today, Sundberg is a free man and entrepreneur on a mission, and Prison Bars is a growing start-up finalizing its next stages of commercial production and seeking distribution partners. 

“Through the creation of snack bars with fresh, natural ingredients, we can tackle the challenges of recidivism head on,” Sundberg says. “Our criminally delicious bars are made in the USA with pride, hope and determination to make good on our commitment to give others second chances so they too can give back.”

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