PrintWithMe Makes Major Move Into Multifamily Through National Partnership With Village Green

The "mobile" print kiosk company plans to upgrade business centers in Village Green's portfolio of 40,000 apartments in 50 cities

PrintWithMe is bringing seamless "mobile" printing to multifamily business centers

​​PrintWithMe, the Chicago-based technology company bringing convenient print stations to consumers across the U.S., announced today that they’ve entered into a National Preferred Partnership with Village Green, one of the nation’s premier property management companies.

The announcement signals PrintWithMe’s proprietary print solution has evolved to serve the needs of verticals outside of coffee houses, retail, and co-working, specifically working to solve the printing needs for multifamily apartments.

“When people think of printing in multifamily, they think of outdated business centers with desktop computers, messy cords, old printer models and setups – and even ‘who prints anymore?’ But that model is beginning to evolve,” said Jonathan Treble, Founder and CEO of PrintWithMe. And while so much of our world is digital, the printed page remains a necessity in our daily lives: shipping labels, business documents, resumes, insurance forms, and homework assignments, to name a few.

With mainstream technologies like Uber, Grubhub, and Amazon Now at their fingertips, millennials (now the largest generation of renters in the U.S.) are demanding convenience from multifamily properties, and as a result, forward-thinking decision makers are embracing new “prop tech” that help them deliver it to residents.

“PrintWithMe answers the convenience trend for us in a unique way,” said Bob Gleason, VP of Operational Support at Village Green. “It enables our residents to print in seconds from their smart phone or laptop, from the comfort of their own apartment. It’s a game-changer for our property staff as well as PrintWithMe handles all tech issues and servicing. Our teams will get to focus on their own work again, rather than being the go-to print technician on-site.”

It’s common for property management companies to underestimate the value and actual utilization of a printer amenity, according to Treble.  

“It’s natural for people to associate printing with being a “boring,” a secondary or even tertiary prioritized amenity, but the data would suggest otherwise,” said Treble. “We see that on average, 82% of residents in a multifamily community will use their printer amenity each year and over 60% view having a printer amenity as extremely valuable. How many of the amenity ideas that make it onto the table of PM's, RM's, and VP's are actually measurable and move the needle on customer convenience and satisfaction?”

It’s an important question for multifamily leaders to consider, especially as the well-documented “amenity war” rages on and technology companies jockey for widespread adoption.

“More people are working from home than ever before, yet home printer ownership has declined. I’m confident PrintWithMe’s transformative user experience will add immense value to our portfolio of properties and demonstrate our commitment to providing the most innovative and useful amenities to residents. We’re thrilled about this partnership and are excited to grow together,” added Gleason.

About PrintWithMe

Multifamily is just the latest vertical for PrintWithMe to see growth and strong adoption. PrintWithMe is revolutionizing the $10 billion personal printing market by placing its proprietary print stations in a wide network of locations such as coffee shops, multi-family properties, college campuses, co-working spaces and hotels. They currently serve over 700 locations in 44 states. To date, they’ve reported 200,000 enthusiastic customers and over one million pages printed.

Media Contact: Nick Durham,, 502-593-1042

You can learn more about PrintWithMe’s Multifamily solution by visiting this page.

About Village Green

Village Green is one of the nation’s premier property management companies focused on the evolving needs of residents and creating more valuable assets for their owners. Today, they manage over 40,000 apartment homes in some 50 cities, along with integrated mixed-use retail spaces that include restaurants, coffee shops, and markets.

Source: PrintWithMe

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