Print4 MPS Technology Now Compatible with Multiple Data Collection Agents

Customers benefit from enhanced predictive capabilities layered on top of existing 3rd party monitoring applications

​​NER Data Corporation (NER), developer of the SaaS-based Print4™ Managed Print Services (MPS) solution, announced today new advancements in their MPS technology making their remote monitoring and automated management system compatible with multiple Data Collection Agents (DCA).   This innovation is just one of several steps the company is taking to further enhance their industry leading MPS suite.

“We consider these new advancements in our Print4™ platform, where we now have the unique ability to layer our solution on top of already existing monitoring software, a significant benefit for clients,” said Eric Austin, NER’s VP of Managed Print Services.  “Standard device monitoring software, while efficient and reliable in collecting then displaying data, often fails to provide real value through automated decision-making.  Our system builds histories on each device, cataloging usage rates and other pertinent print data so that it can learn and anticipate the future needs of each device.

We believe MPS solutions should make device management easier and for that reason we designed an innovative managed print system that automates management through intelligent factoring of device data in order to release customers from having to attend to non-business critical issues,” Austin continued.  “In today’s competitive environment organizations can neither afford to ignore, nor over-resource their print environments.  We provide the required resources in our SaaS model so that organizations can focus on core IT functions and business activities critical to their future successes.” 

In other news, NER is celebrating 10 years of MPS excellence.  First launched in 2005, the Print4™ platform now powers MPS services for a number of partners including Fortune 200 organizations and many in the SMB market.  Recognized as one of the “10 Most Promising Enterprise Print Management Solutions Providers” in 2014, NER continues to push their strategy in developing new technologies that engage, control and simplify the management of any organization’s print environment.  Stephen Oatway, President of NER added “We are extremely proud of our continuing success.  NER has had a long history of innovations dating back to our beginning days in 1971.  Today’s announcement is just the start of what we believe to be a break-out year for Print4™.  We are preparing to introduce several major enhancements to our client management console in mid-May and have several other significant projects planned for launch before end of year.” 

About NER Data Corporation

NER Data Corporation is an innovative leader in the demanding and continually changing Managed Print Services businesses. NER develops and delivers innovative solutions that drive customer value through unparalleled optimization and efficiency. NER products and services deliver cost avoidance and better utilization of assets to drives down costs and increase productivity. 

About NER Data Corporation

Print4™ is comprised of a complete set of MPS components that can be integrated into any business environment. Our differentiation comes from the ability to not just monitor and report, but to truly manage systems and processes.

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