Primus Management Group Uses Travel to Make Growth Exciting

Travel opportunities are parts of the Primus Management Group experience, and they provide both recognition and the chance for development. The firm's President discussed a recent conference and the training received there.

​Travel opportunities play important roles at Primus Management Group, according to Cory, the company President. Trips are ways of recognizing those who go above and beyond in their daily routines to obtain remarkable results, he stated, and how he rewards those who embrace the business’ mission and values.

“We hand-selected individuals who had shown real progress and commitment over the last few months to attend a quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas,” Cory explained. “The chance to share best practices and learn new techniques from the top names in our industry is an incredible opportunity, and the relationships that were built in Dallas will positively impact our careers for years to come.”

Primus Management Group Attendees Enjoy Hands-On Learning at Dallas Conference

While the opportunity to network with high achievers from across North America would have made the Dallas weekend worthwhile, Primus Management Group team members also attended workshops that promoted hands-on learning in the latest customer acquisition techniques. 

“There are many elements to what we do that can be covered with interactive learning,” Cory stated. “For instance, public speaking plays a very big role in almost every aspect of our operations. We make presentations to each other during Primus Management Group meetings, and we’re sharing our ideas with an audience (even if it’s only one person) when we reach out as representatives of our national business partners. So being able to work on our presentation techniques in real time with other like-minded professionals is one of the benefits of the Dallas trip that will pay dividends for a long time to come.”

The positive benefits of travel itself cannot be overlooked either, Cory confirmed. Leaving home means leaving comfortable routines and familiar surroundings; this alone causes executives to grow as people and professionals. “Adding in the chance to build our networks and learn valuable new skills makes travel one of the most powerful options we have to build a team of high achievers,” Cory stated. “I know great things are in store for those of us who attended the Dallas networking conference, and I can’t wait to see who goes on our next Primus Management Group business trip.”

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