Prime Technology Group, LLC Announces PrimePAS, a New Claims Admin Software

PRIME's highly anticipated new insurance administration software, PrimePAS, is making a big splash for property and casualty insurance providers all over the world.

Prime Technology Group, LLC (PRIME), a global technology services company, is pleased to announce the updated release of its newest software service, PrimePAS (Prime Policy Administration System). PAS is a highly advanced SaaS- and cloud-based administrative insurance software, crafted to offer astonishing new capabilities for insurance providers around the world.

One of the worst-kept secrets amongst casualty and property insurance businesses is that legacy administration systems must upgrade to an advanced SaaS system in order to gain and maintain the market edge. Prime’s new policy administration software is constructed specifically with this in mind for your business!

PrimePAS offer high flexibility and customizability. An insurer’s best bet is a software which can seamlessly integrate with the existing insurance application by unifying all end-to-end processing capabilities into a single console. The installation procedure of the software it needs to be easy and stress-free, enabling your insurance company to make selections between various third party vendors in order to keep up with data storage/management and application support. The highest quality insurance administration frameworks offer intuitive dashboards with easy configurable interfaces, allowing non-technical members of your business team to utilize the software to its maximum potential.And PrimePAS is equipped to provide just that.

In addition, PrimePAS offers your business full control over product and forms management. Insurance providers require a claims management system (CMS) that provide workflows and screens defined by the insurers themselves, with FNOL reporting and claims data processing all made easy and accessible via network-wide notifications. The streamlined, online nature of such administrative platforms takes just one more thing off the plate of your entire business team. The online platform of such administrative systems affords all members of your company a great deal more peace of mind.

The PrimePAS website – which went live on February 25 – serves as a third leg of the software, providing endless support for customers and insurance carriers by means of a comprehensive guide of the PrimePAS product.

PrimePAS’s arrival lands on the heels of an exciting first quarter for Prime Technology Group. In early February, Prime won the prestigious STPI Innovation Award at the 2016 Indus Entrepreneurs Convention for its advanced developments in mobile telematics.

PrimePAS is an extraordinary leap forward for claims administration and for insurance carriers across the globe. Prime Technology’s framework provides its users with absolute control over their processes and products. And, therefore, their long-term success.

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