Prime Commercial Lending Announces Donation to Make a Wish Foundation

Prime Commercial Lending, an Albany, NY-based lending firm, has recently made a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Prime Commercial Lending is pleased to announce its recent donation to the Make a Wish Foundation. The Albany, New York-based direct lending firm specializes in financing large sum transactions in the commercial real estate industry. However, direct lending and advisory consulting services are not the only thing that Prime Commercial Lending is known for.

Kris Roglieri, the company's founder and CEO, states, "We're happy to be making a name for ourselves in the non-profit world, as well. We're proud of the fact that we've been able to increase our annual donations to the Make a Wish Foundation. Also, through hosting a number of charitable events, we've been able to raise awareness about the issues that are dear to us and the community."

The Make a Wish Foundation was established in 1980, with the goal of making dreams true for children facing life-threatening disease and illness. As the organization has grown in size and clout, it's been able to grant one wish every thirty-eight minutes. "I think that's a pretty incredible number," says the Prime Commercial Lending CEO. "One wish every thirty-eight minutes? Wow! It makes you realize how small - but significant - any monetary donation is!"

Roglieri states, "We've been thrilled to help make the dreams of these children come true. By raising funds, we don't just send a cash gift to the Make a Wish Foundation. We're also able to raise overall awareness for the Make a Wish Foundation. It's my hope that when people are wondering what gifts to buy for themselves and others this holiday season that they'll remember the Make a Wish Foundation. Maybe they'll think of what Prime Commercial Lending did, and decide to donate money themselves."

In addition to donating to the Make a Wish Foundation, Roglieri and Prime Commercial Lending has hosted a number of charity events in Albany, New York. The events raise money for a variety of causes, including other childhood illness-related causes.

Prime Commercial Lending and Kris Roglieri welcome questions and comments about the company's recent charitable activities. Contact information may be found below.

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