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The Alpha Genesis Primate Research Center is now accepting applications for the Alpha Genesis International Research Program, which is designed to encourage the worldwide primate research community to develop primate models for the advancement of human and animal medical treatments and prevention. The on-site program is open to investigators throughout the world, especially those scientists who find it difficult to conduct primate research due to the unique infrastructure and specially skilled personnel required to carry out such work. The objective is to provide Principal Investigators the expertise and resources necessary to conduct high-level primate research.

The Alpha Genesis Primate Research Center is the designated Contract Research Organization (Primate CRO) of Alpha Genesis Incorporated (AGI). The AGI research team seeks to substantially improve human and animal health worldwide. In partnership with government organizations, private foundations, and private industry. Alpha Genesis scientists conduct studies seeking breakthrough discoveries leading to improved treatments and cures. The highly regulated study of nonhuman primates is essential to medical progress worldwide. With increased international competition for nonhuman primate research and development resources, Alpha Genesis represents a unique and highly effective U.S.-based resource for conducting such work.

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Alpha Genesis is a leading life sciences organization that provides primates and primate research services worldwide. With a mission to improve health and improve lives, Alpha Genesis delivers world-class solutions to the primate research community. To learn more about Alpha Genesis, visit, and to learn more about the AGI Primate Research Center, visit

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