Primate Research Center Alpha Genesis Expands Research Capabilites Through Genetic Diagnostics

AGI Rhesus Macaque

Alpha Genesis, Inc. (AGI), a leading primate contract research organization (CRO), has announced that it will expand its genetic testing services by acquiring an advanced THERMOCYCLER,  which is a laboratory device most commonly used to amplify segments of DNA via Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Thermocyclers facilitate temperature-sensitive reactions, including enzyme digestion and rapid diagnostics. The device has a thermal block with holes where tubes holding the reaction mixtures can be inserted. The computerized cycler then raises and lowers the temperature of the block in discrete, pre-programmed steps.

“This acquisition significantly strengthens our position in the primate research industry", according to a Senior AGI Research Scientist. "Molecular diagnostic testing using PCR techniques has revolutionized the way research is conducted and the way researchers utilize and maintain data. The sensitivity, specificity, and speed with which pathogens and mutations are identified by PCR enable diagnostic, research and genetic monitoring possibilities which are otherwise unavailable. These techniques represent a dramatically effective tool, and will exponentially increase our research offerings."

Alpha Genesis is a leading contract research organization (CRO) with service offerings worldwide. Enhancing our research services by providing genetic diagnostics through advanced PCR techniques represents a significant advancement in our already broad and highly successful nonhuman primate research program.

Dr. Greg Westergaard, Alpha Genesis President and CEO

In PCR testing, nucleic acid -- DNA or RNA -- is isolated from a specimen, then amplified using highly specific primers complementary to known target sequences. Positive and negative controls are run simultaneously; internal controls monitor extraction and PCR efficiency. Amplification is visualized and recorded using state-of-the-art protocols and instrumentation.

AGI maintains over 6000 nonhuman primates in multiple AAALAC-accredited facilities. The Company's global offerings include primates for biomedical research, contract research services, primate bioproducts, and primate quarantine and housing services. With a client base that extends across North America, Europe, and Asia, Alpha Genesis is dedicated to providing only the best and most cost-effective primate research and development support to the scientific community.

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Alpha Genesis is a leading life sciences company that provides primates and primate research services worldwide. With a mission to improve health and improve lives, Alpha Genesis delivers world-class solutions to the primate research community. To learn more about Alpha Genesis, visit and to learn more about the AGI Primate Research Center, visit

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