Primate CRO Alpha Genesis Continues COVID-19 Vaccine Development Efforts

Research continues with new testing capabilities.

AGI Maintains Full USDA Compliance

A focused inspection by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has again found that Primate Research Organization Alpha Genesis is in full compliance with all regulations and standards of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The USDA conducted its inspection on Aug. 27, 2020, in response to a complaint filed by an anti-research extremist. The Company today also announced that scientific advances have led the organization to accelerate its efforts to combat COVID-19.

“The Alpha Genesis Primate Research Center maintains the highest standards of animal care for the primates we are privileged to maintain. The research conducted at our facilities is critical to finding new medical treatments and cures that benefit people and animals worldwide, and we are pleased that our work has again been recognized in this way. Our efforts to cure COVID-19, HIV, cancer, and other scourges of the human condition continue at full-speed and without interruption. The stakes at the moment are very high,” according to a statement released by AGI management.

Monkeys are used in research at Alpha Genesis only when no viable options exist. The primate research at Alpha Genesis supports advances in treatments of cancer, COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, influenza, metabolic disorders, spinal cord injuries, substance abuse and other complex physiological processes. Understanding how these processes work in monkeys leads directly to the development of new and useful medicines, vaccines, devices and other treatments in humans, according to the Company website.

The USDA conducts unannounced inspections and reviews all aspects of animal health and well-being. “The USDA examines all monkeys, all housing and all veterinary care facilities, and speaks directly with our employees. AGI is a full-service primate research facility, and our operations are incredibly complex, as we maintain thousands of monkeys. To have the USDA find that an organization as large and complex as AGI continues to be in full compliance with the Animal Welfare Act further demonstrates that Alpha Genesis provides superior animal care and reflects the dedication and strong work ethic of the impressive staff who do this important and challenging work,” according to the statement cited above.

About Alpha Genesis

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