Prima Launches New Photoperiod Seed Line

Introducing The Prima Aviator Seed Line

The premium cannabis genetics company, Prima, launched its official seed line today. Long known as the go-to supplier of the best commercial cannabis genetics in the state of Michigan, the company has made its official foray into cannabis seeds with the Aviator seed line. Prima cannabis seeds are now available for sale in the United States through their website.

Founded by a disabled combat veteran, Prima is intensifying its efforts around breeding and selection with a specific focus on high potency, high-quality, and solventless hash producers. 

“We built a strong brand around years of R&D, searching for the absolute best in cannabis genetics. With such a deep library and our Clean Stock Program – we are beyond thrilled to be able to offer this quality of cannabis genetics in seed form,” said Nate Niehuus, Founder and CEO. 

Prima’s mission is to be a competitive advantage to their clients.

Cannabis seeds are an important part of genetic sharing, building, and preservation. With tissue culture, and by flowering over 100 varieties at a time, Prima has the ability to sift through large populations. Each flowering cycle has only one purpose: to select the finest genetics. This process is commonly called ‘pheno-hunting’ – where the end result is not flower sales, but genetic selection and refinement. 

The Aviator line was chosen as the flagship to be a breeder’s line of cannabis seeds. The male donor exhibited stability, strong structure, and a very heavy flowerset (high yield). The Aviator line is regular, photoperiod seeds and makes excellent breeding stock. 

Using stringent selection criteria, tissue culture remediation, and their broad network of high-quality collaborators – Prima’s future offerings will include both feminized and regular photoperiod seeds. The Aviator line can be purchased directly from their online shop, by consumers across the United States. 

“Seeds have always been the preferred method of selection for true connoisseurs. And until now, it’s been a challenge to get our genetics into the hands of people outside the state of Michigan. Our market just opened up,” said Nate Niehuus.

Cannabis genetic IP is becoming increasingly important to extractors, cultivators, and vertically integrated companies. However, without a focused genetic program and tissue culture capabilities, most multi-state operators (MSO) have yet to come to market with high value genetics. 

“The best hash plant we have ever grown, even among the headiest connoisseurs, we sourced from Prima. When we heard Prima had seeds available, we were the first in line and we’re undertaking a massive pheno-hunt of Prima’s seeds.” - Midnight Wash Co

Prima’s future breeding projects will be limited to small batch production, each project dedicated to a singular goal of quality flower, outdoor cultivars, or solventless hash producing varieties. Keeping the projects of the highest quality, bred from proven producers, and incredibly exclusive is the stated company goal.

Source: Prima

About Prima

Prima is a Michigan-based cannabis nursery known for breeding premium clones and seeds.


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