PriceLabs Leverages Generative AI to Make Revenue Management Accessible to Everyone

PriceLabs leverages Generative AI to translate complex data into clear sentences, making sophisticated analytics accessible and speeding up decision-making for property managers and hosts.

AI Insights

PriceLabs, a pioneer in revenue management solutions, today unveiled "AI Insights," its first application of Generative AI designed to transform detailed revenue management data into easy-to-understand text. This groundbreaking feature converts complex data charts into concise sentences for clearer insight and efficiently summarizes market trends to facilitate quicker decision-making processes.

"Integrating Generative AI into our platform represents a significant milestone in our mission to democratize revenue management," said Richie Khandelwal, co-founder of PriceLabs. "With this industry-first, we're not just simplifying data; we're revolutionizing how property managers interact with our tools, making complex information instantly actionable. We effectively bridge the gap between sophisticated data analytics and clear business strategies."

Try “AI Insights” today, PriceLabs’ first Generative AI-powered feature

PriceLabs’ first product feature using Generative AI is called AI Insights. It automatically translates complex, data-rich charts about evolving trends in market prices and occupancy into clear, concise sentences. Specifically, the feature emphasizes critical data points and market trends, such as periods of peak demand or unusual pricing patterns, empowering users to make swift and informed decisions with confidence.

Now available to all existing customers at no additional cost, AI Insights exemplifies PriceLabs' commitment to delivering valuable, accessible technological innovations. Moreover, all property managers and hosts are invited to explore this feature through PriceLabs' free 30-day trial, which includes full access to AI Insights.

Next Steps: PriceLabs to Broaden Use of Generative 

Looking ahead, this release marks only the beginning of PriceLabs' exploration into the capabilities of Generative AI. The company plans to expand the application of this technology throughout its platform, continually enhancing its suite of tools to better serve our users. Driven by user feedback and advancements in AI, PriceLabs is dedicated to maintaining its leadership in innovation and service excellence in the industry.

About PriceLabs: 

Established nearly a decade ago, PriceLabs has been at the forefront of providing innovative revenue management solutions. Today, it prices more than 350,000 listings every day around the world. By combining robust data science with accessible technology, PriceLabs empowers property managers and hosts worldwide to optimize their pricing strategies and maximize revenue.

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Established in 2014 and headquartered in Chicago, PriceLabs provides dynamic pricing and revenue management solutions for the hospitality industry. Its data-driven approach, automation rules, and customizations help accommodation owners and managers increase revenues efficiently and easily. With over 90 integrations and a growing list of channels and property management systems, PriceLabs' automated revenue management solution is built to serve the needs of everyone, from large property managers to single-property owners.

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