½ Price Mattress Now Offers Same Day Delivery and Financing Options to South Florida Residents

½ Price Mattress now offers exciting new options for their Broward County customers. In addition to discounted prices on brand name mattresses, they now provide an interest free financing option and same-day delivery. Their low prices and financing options are available for all families and require no credit check to secure.

1/2 Price Mattress Stores of Dania Beach and Cooper City

½ Price Mattress has provided South Floridians with top quality brand name mattresses at discount prices for over a decade.  Due to high demand, their showrooms now offer financing options for brand name mattress and bed sets.  With the addition of their financing options, customers can now shop without having to worry about paying hundreds of dollars up front for a mattress they need. 

½ Price Mattress offers financing options on brand name mattresses in Florida. 

I got my sealy mattress the same day, and I'm so excited about this. This will help me rest much better and will provide more support for my back. Thank you 1/2 Price!!!

Rob J., Customer

After selling to the community for several years, ½ Price mattress saw that bringing high quality and low cost mattresses to area residents wasn’t enough to help them sleep better. Even at their discounted prices, their customers were still having trouble buying the quality of mattress they needed to sleep better and have a higher quality of life. To stay true to their mission, ½ Price mattress searched for a better option; one that would make it possible for every family to get a top quality mattress. 

Since their customers needed a quality mattress with an affordable payment plan, they chose to team up with Acima Financing to offer 0% financing for their shoppers. The financing options are not dependent on credit and extend an interest free payment option to those who need it. No credit check is needed at time of purchase and customers can apply for financing on their website before going into the store.  This financing option has allowed ½ Price mattress to make their products more affordable for a larger number of Florida residents. 

Apply for 0% interest financing for a brand name mattress set online at https://954beds.com/ or by calling (954) 842-4745 at the Dania Beach store or (954) 680-2077 at the Cooper City store.

Customers at ½ Price mattress enjoy same day delivery with their purchase 

On their showroom floor, ½ Price Mattress stocks high quality brand name mattresses. Trusted household names like Serta, Sealy and Tempur-pedic are available at prices up to 70% off of retail stores. To provide their customers with the best customer experience, ½ Mattress equips their team with knowledge to help them guide customers for the right purchase.  Since their sales team is not paid by commission, customers feel more comfortable that their purchase is truly about their needs. 

The staff at ½ Price Mattress goes above and beyond honest sales tactics and low prices to offer same day delivery on their mattresses and bed sets. If customers desire, their delivery team will also remove and dispose of their old mattress. In addition to removal, they provide complete set up of the new bed set in the customer’s home on the same day of purchase. This delivery and set up comes at no additional cost to the ½ Price Mattress customer.   

Find a location to buy a new brand name mattress and get same day delivery by visiting https://954beds.com/ or calling (954) 680-2077 at the Cooper City store or (954) 842-4745 at the Dania Beach store. 

½ Price mattress is dedicated to providing a great customer experience.  

The team at ½ Price Mattress is invested in helping Florida residents sleep better.  They offer luxury brand name mattresses at discount prices.  Customers pay up to 70% off the regular retail price for Serta, Sealy and other brand name mattress sets.  ½ Price Mattress offers no hassle financing and same day delivery for mattresses purchased at any of their locations.  They serve Broward County from their Dania Beach and Cooper City showroom floors.  To purchase a brand name mattress at a discount price customers should visit them online or stop by one of their Broward County mattress stores½ Price Mattress is responsible for this press release.  

Source: 1/2 Price Mattress of Dania Beach and Cooper City

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