PRI Employs Proof and Pay System to Streamline Gift Card and Key Tag Creation

PRI's New Proof and Pay System Increases Usability and Reduces Project Timelines

Plastic Resource (PRI), a leading manufacturer of plastic gift cards, key tags, hotel cards, eco-friendly and recycled plastic cards, and loyalty cards, is improving the way they interact with their customers. With the use of a new proof and pay system, PRI aims to streamline the proofing process, which previously relied on email. Design changes, feedback, image exchange, and proofing took place in an email exchange that was effective but inefficient.

The new system uses a client-access website where image uploading, proofing, and payment all take place in one centralized online space. Steve Chesley, the owner of Plastic Resource, said “The Proof & Pay platform is unique to the short-run, quick-turn card market and was designed with the customer experience in mind.”

An added benefit of the new system is the secure collection of payments. Client accounts are stored on the site, making payment easy and safe.

Increased security and project streamlining are major benefits, but the recently launched upgrade’s real hallmark is improved customer experience.  “Our new Proof & Pay platform greatly improves the customer experience; the customer response has been great,” according to Tracy Hanten, Sales Manager at Plastic Resource.

Customers are able to view their project online, make comments of the proof before it goes to print, approve it online, and pay for their project all from one site. Designing and ordering your custom gift cards is now easier than ever.

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