Prevent Heart Disease, Interview With Dr. Rajiv Agarwal of Modern Heart & Vascular Institute

Dr. Rajiv Agarwal (Cardiologist) with Modern Heart & Vascular Institute discusses who should get heart screening and how the latest technology can help.

Modern Heart & Vascular Institute

In April, 2021, Dr. Rajiv Agarwal, board-certified cardiologist at Modern Heart and Vascular Institute, talked about the importance of heart screening. He helped clear up some myths regarding who should get tested and who is at risk for the leading cause of death in the United States of America for both females and males. 

Additionally, Dr. Agarwal talks about the 128 slice CT scanner at Modern Heart and Vascular Institute. This scanner can take 128 pictures of your heart in one rotation, allowing for the whole scan to be done in 1-2 seconds. This means less radiation, less time spent and more accurate images. 

Focused on preventing surgeries and use of medications, Modern Heart and Vascular Institute has an educational and holistic approach to heart and vascular care

Modern Heart and Vascular Institute can help with a variety of heart & vascular symptoms and issues such as chest pain, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and much more. 

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"Why wait for a heart attack or stroke to happen, why not prevent it" - Dr. Agarwal

Rajiv Agarwal, MD, FACC, FSCCT
Phone: 832-644-8930

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