Prevail InfoWorks, Inc. to Present on Endpoint Protection at BioPharm America 2016

Prevail InfoWorks, Inc., a leader in integrated data analytics for endpoint protection in clinical development, will present on September 15, 2016 at the BioPharm America 2016 Conference in Boston.

Jack Houriet, Chief Executive Officer, will present an overview of Prevail InfoWorks’ unique data aggregation and early-assessments-data-analytics (EADA) software, and how to leverage early observations of evolving trends, correlations and variances in aggregated data to protect clinical study endpoints, timelines and budgets. 

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About Prevail InfoWorks

Prevail InfoWorks is the only data aggregator and analytics provider in one that maximizes the real-time actionable intelligence that clinical trial sponsors can derive from aggregating all of their clinical, operational and project accounting data, from evolving trends, correlations, variances and metrics across a study/program to visual patient profiles.  Providing instant answers to virtually any clinical, operational, and financial question in a study or program, and thereby optimizing the information flow, management processes, financial oversight, and clinical outcomes.

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About Digital Medicine Connect

Taking place September 15 in Boston at BioPharm America™, Digital Medicine Connect 2016 will feature speakers from IBM Watson and Qualcomm and the program themes will include:

● How the digital medicine community is changing the biopharma R&D landscape

● Uniting precision and personalized medicine with digital medicine tools

● Digital medicine’s value for outcomes-based healthcare

● Financing and investor insights

● Understanding the regulatory landscape

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Source: Prevail InfoWorks, Inc.

About Prevail InfoWorks

Prevail provides those in clinical development with the most innovative and complete technology solutions. We integrate, & reconcile data and present it aggregated through a single-user interface via analytics, dashboards and visualizations to all.

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