Pretty Vulgar Partners With Cultural Icon Fashion Nova

Pretty Vulgar aligns its signature, vintage-inspired makeup line with trendy Fashion Nova

Pretty Vulgar cosmetics, a throwback to the ladylike charm of a bygone era with a modern attitude, is partnering with leading online fashion and lifestyle icon Fashion Nova as it enters the beauty space. The brand’s all-inclusive mindset and Free The Bird philosophy aligns perfectly with Fashion Nova’s support of diversity, body positivity, and beauty in all forms.

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It’s a time where change is happening, and people are becoming desensitized to being tasteful, calculated, modest, graceful, and poised. The Pretty Vulgar girl tiptoes over the line, but does it like a ballerina. She’s bold, confident, and believes her flaws make her beautiful. She wants to be treated like a lady and feel like a princess, all the while breaking the mold of what a woman should be.

“We use contradiction to ignite the senses in order to provoke a  powerful emotional connection - nothing is what it seems.

[Lewis Farsedakis - Founder & CEO]

Delivering on its history of colorful product and shade names, Pretty Vulgar’s cruelty-free, mindful cosmetics collection of 26 products in 57 rich color selections is now available on, where you are invited to blend, blur and mix into a colorful shade that is uniquely you. Hero items featured include The Ink (Gel Eyeliner), Bronzed B (Bronzer), Faux Reals (Mascara), Defined Brilliance (Eyebrow Pencil), and Glitter Dust.

About Pretty Vulgar

South Florida-based Pretty Vulgar cosmetics is known for its lightweight, highly-pigmented and long-wearing eye, face, and lip collections that look as good on your vanity as they will on you.  The brand embodies the fact that people are beautiful, multifaceted contradictions, which is sprinkled throughout the brand. Their makeup looks are motivated by the colorful diversity of pretty birds everywhere, supporting the brand’s all-inclusive mindset and Free The Bird philosophy which encourages its flock to live a cage-free life. Whether one feels elegant like a swan, dark like a raven or any shade in between, Pretty Vulgar encourages you to explore every nuance and shade of your personality. 

Pretty Vulgar is a mindful beauty company, caring deeply about our planet, our animals, ethical labor and giving back. They also have a never-ending consideration for their customers, their safety and satisfaction, which is why Pretty Vulgar’s journey of adopting packaging and ingredient advances is never-ending, especially those that better our planet, our health and our lives.

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