Presidential Candidate Proposes Marshall Plan for Central America

​Jim Lynch, GOP Presidential Candidate, proposed a Marshall Plan approach to reduce the poverty in Southern Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. He said that, “Poverty is the reason why people from the area are constantly attempting to get into the United States.”

Lynch said that, “This is reminiscent of Europe after World War II. At that time the European countries had been devastated. There were no jobs. Everyone wanted to come to America to work. Our government said no. Stay where you are. We will help you rebuild.”

And so the Marshall Plan was created.

Jim Lynch said there are three things needed to solve America’s immigration problem:

  1. Seal our Southern borders by doubling the Border Patrol and increasing the use of reconnaissance Drones.
  2.  Institute a reasonable path to citizenship for those who have lived and worked peacefully in the United States.
  3. Introduce a program to reduce the poverty which is pushing people north in search of work.

Of these three, the last is the most important. Without it the migration north will continue.

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