President Of Corporate Health Systems Launches Trig Life Services

Trig Life Services to provide engaging wellness solutions to Minnesota businesses.

Robert Hanlon, President of Corporate Health Systems, has announced the launch of Trig Life Services. Trig Live Services will provide comprehensive, personalized and interactive health and wellness consulting to Minnesota businesses and will be headed up by Mick Hawton, Vice President of Health Promotions.

Trig Life Services provides three main areas of assistance: healthcare navigation, wellness support and work/life balance. With a focus on overall employee well-being, it has personalized programs and consultation geared toward prevention and engagement while also serving as a credible resource for employees to turn to with questions about the health care system.

Hanlon's 24 years of experience in benefits administration was the impetus for founding Trig. "For years, employers have been asking for help in reducing their ever-increasing medical costs," Hanlon says. "When in reality, the only way to reduce costs is to reduce medical claims. This calls for simplifying the health care system as well as encouraging healthy habits, which then opens the door to improving efficiency in the workplace. Thus our new motto became, 'what ails the staff, ails the company.' Employees will see Trig as a real benefit, and employers will see a return on their investment through reduced health care costs and increased bottom-line profits."

Trig Life Services is administered as a corporate wellness benefit for employees, giving them access to online tools and resources, 24/7 live support and on-site programs. For the employer, Trig provides an online reporting feature as well as constant support on the web, over the phone and at the workplace. With nearly twenty years of experience in leadership management and strategic development, Hawton understands that a focus on client services and support is critical, stating: "It is our intent to ensure that each client has a 'best in class' experience for their employees and their company."

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