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Happy Families Share Their Stories Related to How They Discovered and Picked-up Their New Puppies

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While many enjoy their summer holidays, PremierPups, the trusted service that delivers small breed puppies to their new homes, connecting responsible dog breeders with dog lover in search of a puppy, is sharing the stories and emotions of new puppy owners when they first meet their new family members. PremierPups created some videos with families picking up their new family members from the facility and the airport.

Joseph and Cindy: Happy owners of a Cava Poo recently moved to a new house in Ohio and wanted to adopt a puppy to spend the time together and benefit from their fenced-in yard. They found PremierPups’ website and were impressed by the puppies and how well they were taken care of by the staff. With the help of the staff they managed to discover Emma, and they went to the facility to pick her up. They received useful care instructions that should help them to prepare well to receive her into their home.

Joseph and Cindy appreciated the care of the staff and the follow-up calls they received from them to make sure Emma was settling well into her new home. They consider Emma is the best fit for their family. Their reactions and emotions they felt when seeing her for the first time can be seen in the video called “Premier Pickup Experience” from here:

Greta and Jim: Happy owners of a small furry puppy purchased from PremierPups confessed they’d searched to rescue a dog and finally came across PremierPups’ website. When they first saw Henry, they knew he was going to be their dog.

They went to the airport to pick up their new family member and were very excited about that moment. They received their new pup together with step-by-step instructions about how to take care of him as well as with his medical history. Their entire story can be found in the video called “Premier delivery experience” from PremierPups' website.

All videos about customer experience and puppy preparation can be found on

About PremierPups

PremierPups appreciates and celebrates the difference puppies can make in the quality of one’s life. It is more than just selling puppies, it is about the entire experience, from start to finish. PremierPups carefully selects and develops the network of breeders and coaches the clients on how to properly get their puppy settled into their new home. Premier Pups’ mission is to deliver the nation’s premier puppy adoption experience. 

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