Premier Radiology Services Increases Patient Access to Radiologists With Breakthrough Mobile Diagnostic Reading Stations From Dextro Imaging Solutions

The Dextro Imaging mobile diagnostic reading station will be demonstrated at Premier Radiology Services' Booth #4006 during the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting in Chicago. An independent study showed an average 20% increase in productivity for radiologists like the ones at Premier Radiology Services, allowing the radiologists to focus on the readings, not on the tools. This is the only portable imaging station of its kind in the market.

Portable Radiologist Reading Station

Premier Radiology Services announced that it is increasing the mobility of its radiologists through the use of Dextro Imaging Solutions' unique portable diagnostic reading station. These stations provide radiologists access to a diagnostic-grade reading environment -- whether they are traveling, at home, or in a disaster situation.

This solution addresses the challenge that has long impacted the radiology community: transporting diagnostic-quality workstation and monitors between various reading locations. Dextro Imaging Solutions' PACS Workstations solve this long-standing issue for high-volume teleradiology organizations like Premier Radiology Services, which processes thousands of imaging studies a day, to give radiologists more flexibility.

"We at Premier Radiology Services genuinely appreciate working with organizations like Dextro Imaging Solutions who build solutions that address a long-standing challenge in our industry: mobility," said Drew Gaudet, co-founder of Premier Radiology Services. 

The Dextro teleradiology reading station is about the size of a suitcase, which allows radiologists to bring their secure reading environment with them as they travel, between locations, and for providing remote support during disasters.

"The way the world works has changed," said Michael Esposito, M.D., President of Dextro Imaging Solutions. "For radiologists to be able to serve patients efficiently and effectively -- equipment portability without decreased functionality is non-negotiable."

About Premier Radiology Services:

Founded in 2006, Premier Radiology Services is one of the top independent teleradiology solutions in the United States. Formed by bringing together U.S. Board-certified teleradiologists and cutting-edge technology, Premier serves healthcare providers and patients by solving the gaps and inefficiencies that have long been persistent in the field of radiology. With Premier's continuity of care, and less than one hour average turnaround times, doctors can deliver "direction of care" quickly to patients.  Visit them at

About Dextro Imaging Solutions:

Dextro Imaging Solutions is a U.S.-based healthcare technology company resolving complex challenges in today's medical imaging landscape. Dextro's comprehensive portfolio of advanced diagnostic workspaces and intelligent workflow applications interoperate with PACS and specialty systems without the need to maintain separate physical consoles. Usability and physician adoption are optimized with interactive support for native PACS client applications, as well as digital dictation and other routine software applications. Flexible configurations, including robust on-premises and transportable models, address every scenario, from shared reading room workspaces to teleradiology services to remote work and at-home set-ups. Visit them at


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About Premier Radiology Services

Founded in 2006, Premier Radiology Services is one of the top independent teleradiology solutions in the United States. Formed by bringing together U.S. Board-certified, fellowship-trained teleradiologists and cutting-edge technology,

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