Precision Avenue Announces Three Leadership Promotions

​Precision Avenue’s management team recently announced that three team members have been promoted to leadership roles. Whitney V., the company President, hailed the trio as examples of excellence in business.

One of Precision Avenue’s most innovative policies is its approach to team-member advancement. Whitney and her management team want to empower every associate to achieve his or her professional goals at the company. It is this culture of growth that inspired Sophie, Nicole, and John to reach for the leadership positions they have earned.

“I am very proud to announce that Sophie, Nicole, and John have all been promoted to leadership!” said Whitney. “These individuals consistently go above and beyond to support their colleagues. We’re certainly pleased to have them on our team. They exemplify the drive and a growth mind-set that we look for in our team members.”

"I am very proud to announce that Sophie, Nicole, and John have all been promoted to leadership!"



She indicated that the company focuses on merit and passion when making advancement decisions. This approach contrasts the emphasis on seniority in many other companies. According to Whitney, the Precision Avenue policy creates an environment of energy and drive. Sophie, Nicole, and John set their sights on a goal and went for it.

“They held themselves to a high standard and we want to reward them for that,” Whitney added. “I believe that everyone has the ability to achieve pretty much any goal. So, I try to empower my team members to push themselves toward success. They don’t limit themselves with their beliefs. Instead, they focus on learning and growing so they can reach new career heights.”

Precision Avenue’s President Discusses Hiring Push

In addition to advancing existing team members, Whitney is looking for applicants for several open positions at Precision Avenue. She asserted that the key to success in sales and marketing is finding the best people. So, her team is making a push to grow its numbers with those who fit the culture.

“We are looking for driven people who want to take charge of their careers,” she said. “Our training program prepares new team members with all the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in our field. So, the highest priority for us is finding people with real energy and passion. Precision Avenue has a lot of opportunities to offer anyone who joins the team.” 

Whitney indicated that interested parties can apply through the company’s website, Whitney concluded, “Precision Avenue is composed of sharp individuals looking to expand their skill sets. If this defines you, join our team today!” 

About Precision Avenue:

Precision Avenue is a leader in interactive marketing. The firm’s team excels at developing on-site promotions that are enhanced by personalized touches. Each event positions products for maximum visibility. The associates’ efforts center on making inroads into new markets. At the same time, they’re committed to providing consumers with the utmost value through excellence in service. Precision Avenue is dedicated to maintaining a team of branding specialists with the skills and knowledge to forge new paths in the marketplace. Learn more by visiting them at


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