Precision Avenue Announced Leadership Event Attendees

​The Precision Avenue management team announced the two associates who will be attending an industry get-together in Punta Cana. Whitney, the company Director, asserted that this will be an exciting opportunity for everyone. 

Kirsten and Taylor will be representing Precision Avenue at the rest and relaxation conference in the Dominican Republic, indicated Whitney. This event is a chance to travel to a new country, a networking experience, and an opportunity to learn from leaders in the sales and marketing field, all rolled into one. Therefore, being selected to attend is a coveted reward for the two associates. 

Whitney’s selection criteria was based on a combination of who has made a major positive impact and who would gain the most from the conference. Evaluating team members based on this led her to choose Kirsten and Taylor. 

"The trip is not only a relaxing time but also a great opportunity for networking and game planning for 2018."



“I am sending Kirsten and Taylor because they made an impact on the entire office,” she explained. “They oversee other managers, go above and beyond and act like owners. Both women are leaders pushing to move up to the assistant manager role. The trip is not only a relaxing time but also a great opportunity for networking and game planning for 2018." 

The two Precision Avenue associates are both excited for their upcoming trip. “This will be a fun getaway with a chance to make new connections,” said Kirsten. “I am very happy to be attending.” Taylor added, “I am particularly excited to hear from some of the top executives in our field.” 

Precision Avenue’s Director Explored the Benefits of Travel 

According to Whitney, every member of Precision Avenue’s team has the chance to travel. They attend retreats, conferences, inter-office trainings, and more such events. She stated that there are numerous benefits to doing so. 

“Learning is perhaps the most important reason to take part in industry get-togethers,” she said. “They are the best ways to stay up to date with the cutting-edge ideas in our field. Everyone shares what they have been working on. It is a great chance to see what has been effective in other territories. Similarly, we get to show off our successes and experiences.” 

Whitney added that travel boosts creativity. “Just going to a new city will expose you to new ideas. Seeing how other people tackle even mundane issues can spur innovation. Travel also helps to break the daily routine. It’s fun, and it boosts morale and energy in the office. Really, getting out on the road is a win-win for the whole team.”

About Precision Avenue 

Precision Avenue is a leader in interactive marketing. The firm’s team excels at developing on-site promotions that are enhanced by personalized touches. Each event positions products for maximum visibility. The associates’ efforts center on making inroads into new markets. At the same time, they’re committed to providing consumers with the utmost value through excellence in service. Precision Avenue is dedicated to maintaining a team of branding specialists with the skills and knowledge to forge new paths in the marketplace. Learn more by visiting them at ​


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