Precaution is Better Than Prevention: PureVPN Urges Safe Usage Internet This Safer Internet Day

Like every year, PureVPN has once again partnered with the UK Safer Internet Center to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2019 and spread the message of the global initiative among the masses.

Though the Internet has made everyone’s lives easier in unimaginable ways, it also allows easy passage for cyber attackers to target individuals and businesses alike, causing them lasting harm.

With Safer Internet Day 2019 fast approaching, PureVPN has seized the opportunity to highlight the dangers that lurk in the darkest corners of the Internet and how to remain protected against them.

What is Safer Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day, or SID, in short, is observed around the world, in February every year to raise awareness about online safety and spur a national conversation surrounding the positive and safe use of digital technology.

The event will take place on Tuesday, 5 February 2019 and the campaign slogan this time around is “Together for a better internet.” PureVPN, like last year, is playing their part by running their own campaign to support the initiative and make the Internet a better place.

How is PureVPN Celebrating Safer Internet Day 2019?

Here’s what PureVPN is doing to mark Safer Internet Day 2019:

  1.  Publishing in-depth resources that discuss the most common Internet safety issues faced today and provides tips to overcome them.

  2.  Partnering with popular publications to highlight the importance of causes such as Safer Internet Day.

  3.  Encouraging individuals to join in on the conversation by participating in their Safer Internet Day 2019 giveaway – 10 lucky winners get free monthly VPN accounts!

The Hong Kong-based VPN provider is known for supporting privacy-focused initiatives like these and has received public praise and media attention for its campaign against cyberstalking in the past.

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