praxis Releases Initiative to Understand Changes in Patrons' Needs

praxis - a management consulting practice serving vertical brands and customer-facing businesses - has released the first issue of a new editorial initiative: appraisal. at present.

The work - an assessment across multiple disciplines - was produced in the attempt of understanding how businesses would need to adapt and reply to public sentiment and needs, as food for thought and research for the members of praxis' ecosystem.

"A research community made up of people who try to stand in the uncomfortable space between economic reality and self-reassurance, planning incremental humble improvements," says Cristiana Schiavolin, praxis managing partner. "The dramatic events of the last year have only accelerated and facilitated our confrontation with a reality that was already here - the present."

Global affairs, hasty innovation rates, consolidation dynamics and social distress have created a reality where 'mission drifting' seems to be a tangible latent risk for anybody working in vertical business. People and businesses are facing the cultural emergency of having to change their point of view suddenly and effectively to face change.

A clear vision of reality is required. "appraisal. at present" is an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of reality, an effort of observation spanning different industries, cultures, social and business dynamics around the world.


Isolation has established a new relationship between people and the surrounding space, profoundly changing the idea of relationships, sense of privacy, individuality vs. the collective, and also the concept of public vs. private.

This new relationship with intimacy and with the outside gives rise to a completely new way of experiencing the domestic and public dimension. Architecture and design are affected by this change and can be the bearer of the new needs of individuals.


The relationship between virtual and fantasy world - thanks to digital tools - is instead very dynamic and particularly lively. The pandemic has dealt a severe blow to people's ability to desire and plan for the future, but it has failed to eradicate a natural tendency of the human brain: to think in images, or to invent stories. While some organizations seem to ignore the market reality, a change is needed in re-organizing products and services upon flexibility and re-acquiring the ability to adapt to continuous socio-economic mutations.


The social trauma has highlighted inequalities and inspired a new sense of social justice and responsibility towards others. Accordingly, businesses - and especially vertical ones - should re-evaluate their performances. Alignment with the values and expectations of consumers therefore becomes essential and can't be ignored.


To execute these adjustments then, education and training must change. It is necessary to develop closer and more transparent relationships with the communities of stakeholders: employees, partners and users of the cultural industry. Reimagine the network of relations and allow a new and diverse generation of gatekeepers to contribute to a new ecosystem lead not only by economic profit goals but by authentic care for the community.

It is the capability of analysis, understanding and new planning that will take us into the future.

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