PrairieIT Announces ThePhotoStick, the Digital Photo Back-Up Solution

New Product Finds and Saves Important Photos and Videos

PrairieIT announces their new digital photo back-up product, ThePhotoStick—the fast, easy and safe way to find, rescue, and save photos and videos from a Mac or PC.

ThePhotoStick solves the problems regarding photos and videos on your computer: how do you find and save the thousands of photos and videos scattered throughout your computer on countless directories? What if your computer crashes and you lose all your photos? Is the cloud the only safe place for your photos?

"Photos are more than just snapshots. They're priceless memories."

Mark Oman, CEO

Says Mark Oman, founder of PrairieIT, “Photos are more than just snapshots. They’re priceless memories.” Oman speaks from experience as he once lost precious photos from a special family vacation. This motivated him to come up with a way to easily find and save all the photos on his computer to prevent this from happening again. Oman and his team at PrairieIT used their knowledge from their innovative product, Xtra-PC, to create ThePhotoStick.

ThePhotoStick is a USB stick that contains proprietary software and storage to make it simple to find all your photos and videos on your Mac or PC and easily save them to the USB stick—not just to a server or just to the cloud. ThePhotoStick is simply the best option for protecting your memories.

ThePhotoStick comes in three sizes—8GB, 64GB and 128GB. For typical photo file sizes, this allows you to store from 3000 photos on a 8GB or up to 60,000 photos on a 128GB stick.

ThePhotoStick is a one-time cost, starting at under $20 each, and is available to ship today.

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ThePhotoStick is a product of PrairieIT LLC, makers of products that give new life to old computers. They are located in the town of Haxtun on the prairie of Colorado.

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