Practice Elevation Consulting Services, LLC Launches With Focus on Improving Patient Experience and Practice Performance

Practice Elevation Consulting Services has launched a practice consultancy with a particular focus on the patient experience and how an improved patient experience translates into superior practice performance.

Practice Elevation Consulting Services (PECS) is led by long-time industry insiders and practitioners who have dedicated years to developing programs and training for doctors and staff.  Their focus in the past has been on benefiting practices and patients on behalf of industry sponsors. “Today, with the launch of this new organization, we are solely focused on the patient and practice and ensuring each of them get the most out of their relationship with one another,” said Dwayne Dixon, Founder of PECS. “Now more than ever, providers must engage their whole team to upgrade their service offerings, which often includes products or services that patients must pay for out of pocket. If they are to do that well, it means reinventing how we select, approach and message-manage to patients to ensure they can make informed decisions, especially when they pay for these services themselves.”

Dr. Jeanmarie Davis, OD, FAAO, is Chief Medical Officer for PECS and has also spent many years in practice and on the industry side. “When you consider that doctors receive little if any training in their respective medical schools on how to run a business, it isn’t surprising that certain basics of private practice ownership and management may be challenging for doctor-owners. By upskilling doctors and empowering their teams, we can see elevated clinical and financial outcomes for the practice without imposing undue burden and additional workload on the doctors.”

Human Factors training is what Practice Elevation Consulting Services is focused on delivering. Human factors are the human-to-human relational elements within a patient-practice experience. They consider how other people want or sometimes need to be engaged to have a great experience with your practice. These include both the intentional and unintentional messages that patients are receiving from you and your team.

“There are many things you can outsource, train on or bring into your practice, but investing in your team’s ability to communicate and deliver desired messaging to your patients and with one another could be the most valuable investment you’ll make toward your practice’s success in the next year,“ said Dixon.

Could your team elevate the patient experience and your practice outcomes?

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Consulting services to healthcare providers focused on improving patient experience and practice success. We focus on Human Factors' training improving relationships with patients, staff and profitability of the practice.

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