Pr1me Capital's Founding Partner, Luis Doporto Alejandre, Awards Student Winners to Support Mexican Avocado Projects

Students who extracted cellulose from an avocado win the First Great Agro-industry Challenge Pr1me Capital 2019 Award

Pr1me Capital Award Ceremony

Doporto Pr1me Capital, an investment banking advisory boutique, has honored students for their development of new ways of transforming avocado residue.

​Doporto Pr1me Capital will finance the finalist projects to formalize them as business plans, and the team members will be able to join in the implementation and execution, in addition to seeking patents to protect their commercialization.

• A collaboration agreement was also signed with the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Uruapan in order to develop research projects for avocado products.

Doporto Pr1me Capital, Guacamolito and the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Uruapan (ITSU) held the First Great Agro-industry Challenge Pr1me Capital 2019 award ceremony, which recognizes the best projects to transform and take advantage of avocado waste.

The winning project was for the team that proposed obtaining cellulose pulp to generate paper made from the pruning of avocado trees. Second place presented the use of avocado seed flour as an additional ingredient for brewing beer, while the third place went to the team that managed to obtain ink from the avocado seed through a maceration process.

The winner will receive financial compensation and constant consultation from Doporto Pr1me Capital in the process of formalization of their project into a company. A grant to obtain a patent is also included with the first place rewards. The second and third place prizes will be used to materialize their ideas into a productive project in the short term.

The contest objective was to encourage student participation in the search of solutions to waste, excluding the avocado pulp, and develop entrepreneurial skills among the youth of Michoacán.

Within the context of the same event, a collaboration agreement was signed between the ITSU and Guacamolito-Doporto Pr1me Capital for the development of new research projects derived from avocado. Among the activities included in this agreement are the development of academic collaboration and technological research programs, training and updating courses, social services and professional residences, as well as participation in conferences, symposiums and round tables organized by the ITSU.

Luis Doporto Alejandre, founder of Doporto Pr1me Capital and Guacamolito said: “For us, it is very important to continue promoting innovative, sustainable and socially responsible projects to promote the growth of the avocado industry and its derivatives, both in Mexico and in other world markets. This generates benefits for consumers and, more importantly, for local producers, because the project in question creates value-added jobs.”

During his message, Luis Doporto Alejandre also thanked the support from the ITSU in the organization of the contest and its trust in the signing of the collaboration agreement.

The event was also attended by authorities in education, teachers and students from different careers and recognized people within the avocado-related industry.

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Source: Doporto Pr1me Capital


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