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PQ Systems, the most recommended provider of quality software solutions, has acquired The Elsmar Cove, the leading quality forum for industry professionals. 

Elsmar.com was originally launched by standards compliance expert Marc Smith in January 1996 as a free resource for industry professionals. Since then, The Elsmar Cove has evolved into the leading forum for quality and standards compliance, moderated by the world's most experienced and influential leaders in their respective disciplines. 

The acquisition will benefit PQ Systems' software clients by connecting them with a global network of experts in specific industries, including aviation, automotive, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and medical devices. Members of the forum will benefit from PQ Systems' decades of experience in statistical process control, gage calibration management, and measurement systems analysis.

"Making the acquisition was an easy decision because The Elsmar Cove mission is consistent with that of PQ Systems—to help industry professionals succeed in improving quality and exceeding standards," said PQ Systems President Beth Savage. "We are honored to build on this vibrant network of people helping people so that this growing community will continue to exchange ideas, share best practices, and overcome challenges." 

About PQ Systems: For more than 36 years, the company has been providing solutions to help manufacturers optimize process performance and improve product quality. The company's scalable solutions include SQCpack® for statistical process control and GAGEpack® for measurement intelligence. PQ Systems is headquartered in Dayton, OH. For more information, visit www.pqsystems.com.

About The Elsmar Cove: Since 1996, The Elsmar Cove has been a member-led community of people helping people worldwide. Its robust information resources and active discussion forum make it the central hub for quality assurance and standards compliance for industry professionals. With more than 500,000 posts, it covers a wide range of industry topics, including Quality Tools, International Standards, Manufacturing Processes, and FDA Regulations. To browse topics or to ask a question, visit www.elsmar.com.

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