UPDATE: PowerTrend-SOTA Announces Launch of USB Type-C Docking Station, the Q-HUB

A New USB Type-C Portable Docking Station that Connects, Charges, and Delivers Data from Up To 3 USB Type-A or Type-C Devices to Your Computer

Q-Hub Composite

  PowerTrend-SOTA announces the launch of its new Q-HUB USB Type-C portable docking station to the market, alleviating the inconvenience and confusion surrounding the USB Type-C interface. The Q-HUB allows PC and Mac users to connect, charge, and transfer data from up to 3 of their USB peripherals that use Type-A and Type-C connectors and simultaneously display to external monitors through the HDMI port at 4K resolution, while distributing up to 65 watts of power. This one device can not only save consumers money by eliminating the need to replace devices that use Type-A USB connectors, but it also delivers the data on those devices at 3.1 speeds through its convenient built-in Type-C cable. PowerTrend-SOTA's Q-HUB is will be available for $100 at leading retailers, Factory Outlet, and Amazon.com.

"The introduction of USB Type-C cables and connectors brings a new era of 'one universal interface for all devices', but its current implementation can be confusing at best," said Naurry Kwon, General Manager of PowerTrend-SOTA. "With this confusion in the market, consumers are wading through the sea of non-compliant USB Type-C products that aren't equipped to handle their promised speeds or power."

The Q-HUB from PowerTrend-SOTA connects all peripherals that have Type-A and Type-C connectors to both Macs and PCs at USB 3.1 speeds, and allows users to connect an external display with 4K resolution through an HDMI port. At a sleek size of 3.8 inches wide X 2.7 inches long X only 0.6 inches tall, the Q-HUB brings both style and portability to charging, data transfer, and computer capability. PowerTrend-SOTA's Q-HUB also delivers USB PD-compliant power to up to 3 connected devices, in addition to your computer-when the Q-HUB is connected to supported Type-C power adapter-while simultaneously allowing data transfer & HDMI video output. Now you can view your media and presentations from your laptop in HDMI 2.0A full resolution on any display via the HDMI port and can still be connected to other devices.  

Q-Hub (USB Type-C Hub)
MSRP $99.99 USD

For more information on PowerTrend-SOTA's USB Type-C products visit http://powertrend-sota.com or  Amazon.com.


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