Powerlinx Announces Membership in Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (IATI)

Powerlinx is now accredited by the Israeli Advanced Technology Industries, seeking to further increase its connectivity with the soaring Israeli tech ecosystem

Partnerships are at the heart of every business, and Powerlinx knows that better than anyone. With its Israeli Advanced Technology Industries collaboration, Powerlinx is providing IATI members with full access to its platform, boosting growth by enabling their businesses to partner on opportunities, such as expanding into new markets, finding new distributors or simply looking for new customers.

Headquartered in the United States, Powerlinx's management believes global collaboration is a true value driver, as it gives its platform increased reach to international markets and enhances its connection to high-quality professional networks, such as IATI.

"We see international collaborations with business associations, chambers of commerce and trade development agencies to be of a symbiotic nature, where everyone benefits from it. We are constantly looking for this type of cooperation," said Meir Shachar, Powerlinx CEO.

As the first global Business-meets-Business (BmB) platform, Powerlinx has launched its new app for iOS and Android devices. With an enhanced user experience and more advanced global business data fueling the platform, Powerlinx is doubling down on its efforts to connect businesses around the world to proactively identify opportunities for growth.

About Powerlinx

POWERLINX is the first global Business meets Business (BmB) platform. Its mission is to make the process of finding the most relevant business opportunities and partnerships fast and easy, so only the best matches appear. POWERLINX helps members find new suppliers/distributors, expand product lines, reach new markets, look for funding, and even sell their business.

POWERLINX: The Business Opportunity App

For more information or to inquire about Powerlinx, please contact press@powerlinx.com.

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