Powerlift Hydraulic Doors of Montana


Acutech Metalworks of Columbia Falls, MT, has been selected to be the first and only powerlift door manufacturer for the state of Montana and Idaho. Powerlift is a national manufacturer of Hydraulic door, wall and window systems. Powerlift has been manufacturing hydraulic door systems since 1992 and is approaching 20,000 of these systems in place.

Powerlift is at the forefront of the current architectural trend of kinetic opening walls to open homes to outdoor spaces without sacrificing thoughtful architectural features. Powerlift manufacturers offer a wide application including restaurants, aircraft hangar doors, etc. Acutech Metalworks was chosen as a Powerlift of Montana licensee because of its extensive, high-quality architectural metalwork and experience with large kinetic features.

Montana builders of custom homes, aircraft hangers, open-air restaurants etc. will have an affordable local source of service for these in-motion architectural features with solid warranties on workmanship and components.

Source: Acutech Metalworks


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