PowerFx Inc. 'Instant Results Technology' Helping With Relief

PowerFx Inc. a Denver, Colorado-based company to help those hit by Hurricane Harvey.

​PowerFx Inc. will be giving back to those in need.  Power Fx Inc., the Denver, Colorado-based company will be giving back and taking donations for those in need that were hit by Hurricane Harvey. 

Owner Chad Thomas says "This is a time we need to pull together and help those in Texas  who have lost everything."

100% of donations will be given to the relief efforts in the state of Texas. PowerFx wristbands sold online will also receive free shipping and the company will donate proceeds from every online sale this week to also aid in relief.  You can help with the relief effort at www.powerfxstore.com or 720-442-7400.

Power Fx wristbands work.  Check them out online at www.powerfxstore.com and buy yours today.  All customers for the month of September get Free shipping on all orders.http://www.powerfxstore.com

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