Powerful Online Bullying Prevention Course for Kids Launches

Noko Busts Bullying!

Eleni Theodorou, a local children’s author and bullying prevention educator, expresses her determination to uplift and empower children during this difficult time by successfully translating her culturally rich, bullying prevention programs called “Noko Busts Bullying!” to an impactful, online experience for all.

Using her prickly protagonist, Noko the porcupine, and his friends from her series entitled Noko The Knight, Theodorou’s courses offer Pre-K-Grade 5 students and their families the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the true impact of online and offline bullying and how painfully it affects those directly involved, their futures, and the community at large.

Through her live school presentations and author visits, Theodorou has successfully served thousands of students across different school models and districts in the U.S. Her programs inspire all types of learners and are designed to be inclusive, compassionate and thought-provoking, motivating audiences, both intrinsically and extrinsically, to choose to do what’s right. ​​

Esteemed social worker and school anti-bullying specialist, Dania Martinez, reviewed Theodorou’s courses stating, “These programs are geared toward a young audience to teach about bullying. The language and graphics used are very powerful, keeping children engaged throughout. As an Anti-Bullying Specialist, I strongly believe the information provided within Eleni’s course is on point. I plan to use these courses within my school and would highly recommend it to all districts. Eleni has talent to reach children with her creative approach to teaching and uses culture as a meaningful aspect, making this course truly unique.”

Eleni cleverly uses unusual tools that are related to her tales, leaving a lasting impression, encouraging all to be more present and careful with our interactions with others, including our friends in the animal kingdom.

With her background in psychology, Theodorou continues to create meaningful content for children through her Noko The Knight series at www.EleniTheodorou.com, as she fulfills her mission: to embed a culture of compassion far and wide.

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