PowerBuy Announces Availability in AWS Marketplace Plug and Play Social Commerce Solution for E-Commerce Brands

PowerBuy announced today the official listing of PowerBuy in AWS Marketplace. PowerBuy helps e-commerce brands unlock new customers and increase orders through its patented Group Buying solution, and offers a new way for marketing teams to acquire more customers with 600% improvement vs pay-per-click channels.

"This is an exciting day for large brands that run their e-commerce sites on AWS. They now have a plug-and-play solution to a leader in social commerce and group buying," says Bruce Watanabe, CEO at PowerBuy. "By increasing our merchants' conversion rates by 8x, it's no surprise that many large brands have been inquiring about PowerBuy, and now with our AWS Marketplace listing, brands can have Group Buying live in under an hour."

Features and benefits of PowerBuy Group Buying include:

  • Conversion rate enhanced by 800%
  • Cart abandonment reduced by 49%
  • 6x more customers vs PPC channels

PowerBuy will be available starting today, $0/month for 30-days. For more information on PowerBuy, visit PowerBuy in AWS Marketplace.

About PowerBuy: PowerBuy's Group Buying app asks the question "Why let your shoppers shop alone?" because when they buy together, they save together all while brands grow orders & customers sustainably.

To learn more about PowerBuy, please visit https://powerbuy.app/corporate-site or email us at powerbuy@powerbuy.app

Source: PowerBuy