Power Up Charges the Upcoming Baseball Season

Several major league baseball stadiums throughout the country lead the charge in adopting Power Up Charging Tables and Charging Lockers.

Enhancing Fan Experience

Power Up Charging Tables and Charging Lockers can officially be found in several baseball stadiums throughout the country. This improvement to the experience of the game, for both players and fans, will help keep baseball possible throughout the pandemic and beyond. From the iPads that keep track of plays and scores, to the mobile phones that allow fans to show their tickets and pay for concessions, Power Up can help ensure mobile devices stay accessible and sanitary. 

Power Up's current major league sports partnerships in the National and American leagues are just the beginning of their relationship with baseball. The expansion of Power Up Charging Tables and Charging Lockers to additional baseball stadiums will make America's favorite pastime an even greater experience for all. 

Power Up Charging Tables can charge over 20 phones at once, keeping fans connected and allowing them to enjoy the game. We also offer wireless charging options for our tables. This provides a touchless, wire-free charging experience that mitigates the transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses. Fans can easily power their phones while getting in their seventh-inning stretch, enjoying a mid-game beer, or in the final innings to prepare for their journey home.

Power Up Charging Lockers, which can be placed in locker rooms, provide athletes and staff with a secure place to keep, charge, and sanitize their devices. Also, our UVC Charging carts are a great addition to facility life safety measures and provide UVC disinfection within 5 minutes, helping to keep players and staff safe from viruses like COVID-19. 

Baseball stadiums throughout the country need to adapt to the modern needs of fans and players. Power Up can help satisfy those needs by:

  • Creating a more sanitary game day experience with disinfected devices
  • Keeping fans connected to increasingly digital stadiums with mobile ticketing and mobile concession purchases
  • Allowing fans and athletes to charge their devices without having to miss a second of the game

For additional information, visit https://www.powerupconnect.com.


About Power Up: Power Up, a Barcoding, Inc. company, is headquartered in Baltimore, MD and manufactures all of its products in Baltimore. Power Up is the only charging company with proprietary smart charging technology and was the first company to build and sell public device charging kiosks in the United States. Since its inception in 2007, Power Up has powered millions of devices worldwide.


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