Power Songstress Lynn Hayek Makes Her US Debut With New Single 'Party Language'

Platinum Independent Announces New Music Video From The Voice Kids Arabia Winner, Marking Her US Debut With "Party Language"

It’s hard to imagine a 12 year old belt out powerful vocal runs, but that’s what secured Lynn Hayek’s title as the first winner of The Voice Kids in 2016. Today at 14, the Lebanese songstress still boasts power vocals that defy her years and brings technical melisma to a song. Out today, “Party Language” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRuPzaMu6iQ, is the budding star’s latest single and debut into the U.S. market.

Produced by Grammy Award winner Oak, “Party Language” features a hypnotic Arabic maqam reminiscent of Lynn’s background paired with English lyrics that can be likened to a contemporary Britney Spear’s “Hit Me”. The video’s school house setting becomes a fitting backdrop to both the song and September beginnings; it marks Lynn’s first English song but not her first major coup.

In 2016, millions in the eastern hemisphere fell in love with a then 12 year old Lynn Hayek during her reign as a contestant on The Voice Kids. Shortly after, she released her debut video Am Bi’akbar (I Am Growing Up) which has since garnered over 10 million views on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRuPzaMu6iQ.

Part of Lynn Hayek’s appeal stems from her ability to express teenage growing pains and discovery when she sings, offering full emotion through her vocals and an occasional mischievous smile paired with wide-eyed wonder. Al Saher, one of the judges of The Voice Kids, praised Hayek for having: “one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever encountered. When she sings on stage, I can see she is trying to prove her worth and her place on that stage. She has incredible ­feeling.”

Originally from Mina, the port area of Tripoli, Lynn Hayek grew up by the sea. “I haven’t studied music, but the sound of the sea and the streets are music to me,” she says. Despite receiving no musical training, her success as an artist has been credited with her ability to sing technically difficult songs. Her voice carries a warm tone that is reminiscent of soulful divas. Her inspirations mirror that charisma and include traditional Lebanese performers such as Melhem Zein, and kindred stars propelled under the spotlight at a very young age, such as Ariana Grande.

Lynn debuted her second Arabic song ‘Bokra Tareekh’ at the United Nations headquarters in New York with Generations for Peace and MBC Hope alongside gospel choir: United Voices of New York.  as part of a youth empowerment campaign. The “Narratives for Peace” event will focus on reframing the conversation around how the general public discusses peace and peacebuilding. Through a collaborative spirit with the Creative/Arts/Entertainment/Marketing/Advertising/Media and Private sectors, the initiative aims to build a much more energetic and dynamic perspective on contemporary issues.  


ABOUT LYNN: At 12-years-old, Lynn Hayek became the first ever winner of The Voice Kids Arabia in 2016. Lynn, whose mature vocals and enviable range defy her years, has never had any formal training in music. She was mentored by Iraqi superstar and show judge, Kadim Al Sahir who has said that she has one of the most beautiful voices he has ever encountered.  Although she mainly sang in Arabic on The Voice Kids, her exquisite talent extends far beyond. After discovering that Lynn had a passion for western music, her voice proving to be on the level of top U.S pop stars, Platinum Independent signed her and was made her immediate home to launch her international  career. Platinum Independent (distributed by ADA Warner), is a music label headed by Taymoor Marmarchi, Chairman and Youdy Sanon, General Manager. Platinum Independent is a division of Platinum Records.


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