Potty Training Made Easy With Sposie Dribbles

Sposie Launches Innovative Potty Training Product to Help Children Transition from Diapers to Underwear and Potty Train Faster

Announcing Sposie Dribbles Potty Training Pads: One of the biggest challenges of potty training is making that initial leap from diapers into underwear - a very messy and stressful time for parents.

Sposie Dribbles helps bridge the gap between diapers and underwear by adding a protective absorbent layer to children's pants. Parents can now have the confidence that small accidents will be captured while still giving their children the independence, space, and encouragement to learn in their own time.

This innovative potty training aid allows children to feel the sensation of being wet without getting their clothes wet. So when they do have a small accident, they can begin to understand and react to what's happening without the embarrassment of wetting their clothes or surrounding.

Sposie Dribbles are designed to be as thin and soft as possible for children's comfort, while also being super-absorbent for maximum protection against leaks. They are ideal for protection during the school day, a long car trip, a sleepover, or during playtime.

Plus, they also offer these proven benefits:

  • Help children potty train faster.
  • Absorb over half of an average 2-year-old's bladder capacity.
  • Hypoallergenic and pediatrician- and dermatologist-tested.
  • 100 percent free from any fragrance, latex, and chlorine.
  • Designed for both boys and girls to use comfortably in different configurations.

Survey Says: In developing the game-changing design for Sposie Dribbles Potty Training Pads, Sposie surveyed over 500 moms about their frustrations with potty training. Respondents stated that over 30 percent spent more than four months potty training their children, and nearly 80 percent encountered multiple weekly accidents during the process. Additionally, greater than 50 percent of respondents' children who were considered potty-trained continued to have accidents semi-regularly.

The Bottom Line? Potty training is a stressful and lengthy process for many families, and children will have accidents on the way to potty independence - that's just normal! With Sposie Dribbles, not only do the potty training pads (literally) absorb some of the mess and stress, but they also become a tool to help children achieve full potty training more quickly. 

Where to buy: You can purchase Sposie Dribbles from Amazon, and Sposie.com. 

About Sposie: Dad-invented in 2016, Sposie's flagship products, Sposie Booster Pads, are super-absorbent inserts that work with parents' favorite diaper brands to help diapers last longer by "doubling'' the diaper's absorbency. The brand also proudly offers Super Sposie Pads for older children with youth incontinence and overnight bed-wetting and young adults with special needs.

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