PostSharp 4 Announces a Thread-Safe Extension to C# and VB

PostSharp Technologies announces the release of PostSharp 4, a 100% compatible extension to C# and VB.

PostSharp Technologies, makers of advanced software development tools, announced the availability of PostSharp 4, a 100% compatible extension to C# and VB that helps developers and architects to automate the implementation of design patterns by encapsulating them into reusable components.

With PostSharp 4, the company solves a tough problem: thread safety in large business applications.

"Object-oriented programming is an excellent paradigm for large business applications, but mainstream languages have not been designed with thread safety in mind," says Gael Fraiteur, PostSharp Technologies CEO. "Developers still address multithreading at a very low level of abstraction, using locks or events. This approach is fine when performance is critical, but it does not scale for large business applications where productivity is more important."

PostSharp 4 extends the C# and VB languages with the most common threading design patterns. By annotating their classes with attributes like [Immutable], [ThreadAffine] or [Actor], developers can tell the compiler what they want. PostSharp 4 verifies source code against the model and reports violations at build or run time instead of allowing for data races. This enables developers to write thread-safe code without an expert knowledge of multithreading.

In addition to multithreading, PostSharp 4 makes it almost effortless to implement undo/redo feature in desktop or mobile applications.

"Undo/redo is one of the most wanted features, but it is rarely implemented in business applications because of its high cost. We wanted to change that," stated Gael Fraiteur of PostSharp.

One of the benefits most cited by PostSharp customers is not only a smaller and more understandable code base, but also an increase in developer productivity. Statistical data collected from the customer feedback program suggest a 30% productivity improvement.

The development team at Gamesys, the market leader in the field of money gaming, experienced such time savings first hand.

"If we were able to continuously develop and operate several high volume games in production with such a small team, it was partly thanks to PostSharp," says Yan Cui, senior backend developer at Gamesys.

PostSharp Technologies is at the forefront of .NET developer tools and has already attracted 10% of Fortune 500 companies including BP Oil, Volkswagen, JP Morgan and Microsoft.

Availability and pricing

PostSharp exists in several editions with price ranging from 49$ to 749$ per developer. PostSharp Express provides the undo/redo and threading features for up to 10 classes per project free of charge.


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About PostSharp Technologies

PostSharp Technologies is committed to bringing innovations to developers in industry-leading companies by building tools that enable them to add new code functionality and maintainability, simplify architecture and reduce code duplication and application complexity. PostSharp Technologies maintains its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.

About PostSharp Technologies

PostSharp Technologies specializes in building tools that enable developers to add new code functionality and maintainability, simplify architecture and reduce code duplication and application complexity